Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

It’s no secret that I love Gillian Flynn. I think she writes the most suspenseful, eerie, well thought out thriller books ever. And this one is no different.

Flynn is a master of creating atmosphere to go along with the general storyline. No exception here. The novel follows a journalist, Camille Preaker, who goes back to her hometown to investigate the disappearance of two little girls. From the start, we know Camille hates her hometown and has a difficult and complicated relationship with both her family and the town itself.

From the minute Camille steps into the town, there’s a tone of despair that sets upon the whole story. The way Flynn describes the town, her family, the people in it is so dreary and depressing and so the whole atmosphere reflects Camille’s own emotions. And that is what Flynn does best. If writing is to described in colors, then Flynn uses bleak greys to create this story.

There’s a lot of triggers in this book: there’s emotional and physical abuse, self-harm, substance abuse… You name it, it’s probably there. So it isn’t an easy read. But nevertheless, I found it so engrossing and rewarding.
Flynn is a master at creating unlikeable female characters and that is one of the things I love most about her books. There isn’t anyone in this story who you’ll like. But every character is layered and well-thought-out.

The mystery itself is intriguing and not very obvious, although I was able to guess the plot twist, which is basically the only complaint I have. It was the same with Dark Places, and it’s something that I find a bit annoying. Whoever, I prefered this one to Dark Places, because I felt it had a better pace and I just enjoyed the concept more.

All in all, a masterfully done thriller, that will keep you engaged and on the edge at all times, with great characters and a intriguing storyline. Definitely recommend.

Hope you enjoyed this and let me know what’s your favorite Flynn novel or if you plan on reading any of her books!

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