Spotlight: Giant Days by John Allison, Max Sarin and Whitney Cogar

About two years ago, I really got into comics. Before that, I never even considered reading them. For me, comics always meant superheroes, and while I love them, the universes of Marvel or DC always seemed to vast for me to fully grasp.

But, I discovered a whole range of different comics and I’ve been reading them ever since. Some of my favorites include The Wicked + the Divine, Saga and Sweet Tooth.

However, one that totally stands out to me is Giant Days.
This is a fairly new comic series, with three volumes already out and another one on the way.
What struck me about this is that this is a completely contemporary comic series. Everything I read, or tried reading, had some sci-fi, or fantasy, or dystopian elements to it, which I love, but it was really refreshing for me to discover a contemporary comic series.

Giant Days follows three friends through their first year of college. You have Susan, who is very fierce and focused, Esther, who is such a quirky and unique character, albeit a bit lost, and Daisy, who is a total sweetheart. The comic series follows them through the ups and the downs of college life. And it’s fantastic.
This is completely hilarious, in a laugh-out-loud kind of way. The writing is superb and the storyline ridiculous, and it’s all so packed up nicely.

The art is completely stunning. It’s that cartoonish kind of art, which I adore, and it sort of reminds of Disney style art (I don’t know why, it just gives me that vibe). There’s a lot of vibrant colors and it’s all very aesthetically pleasing.

Now, the reason I love this so much is the fact that this is the only comic series where I actually care for the characters and I am attached to them in the same way I would be to book characters. While I love all the comic series I regularly read, I love the plot and the art and even the characters, I am very detached from the story. It’s fun, I enjoy it through out, but I don’t actually care. But with this, I am invested at all times and I am actually sad when it’s over.

Be sure to check out Giant Days, because it’s great, and if you have read it, let me know how you liked it in the comments below!

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