Did You Ever Have a Family by Bill Clegg

A very quiet and unassuming novel that packs such a strong voice and story in a small amount of pages.

I read this at the beginning of the year and it will without a doubt make it to my favorites list. I adored this book and I really think that it’s brilliant. I am someone who highly enjoys complex family stories, small town dynamics and character driven plot. This book offers all of that, and more. It is told from many different perspectives, and some of them are not what you would expect. But it all ties together seamlessly in the end and makes so much sense.

The writing is stunning. It isn’t flowery or poetic. In fact, it’s kind of stern and almost sterile. I generally find that this completely works for me, and especially in this book, it worked like a charm. It creates the perfect atmosphere and sets the tone and the scene amazingly.

All of the characters were great, and all of them were flawed and complicated and that is my favorite thing about this. They are intricate and interesting, flawed, but real, and you can connect and feel for every single one them.

The way this book ends is something that blew my mind, not because it’s unexpected or shocking, but just because I was in awe with the way the ending was written. It made me tear up and gave me chills, it was so profound. Also, this book isn’t very long, but it acomplishes everything it needs to and more in a small number of pages. And it’s even stronger because it manages to do that with not a lot of.

Also, Bill Clegg is a literary agent, and this is his first work of fiction, so I think it’s an amazing for a debut novel.

If you like beautiful writing and complex characters I would highly, highly recommend checking this one out. Also, if you have any recommendations for books about families or small towns, please leave them in the comments below!


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