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Orange by Ichigo Takano

If you watch Booktube regularly, chances are you have seen these pop up everywhere a while back. 

I usually find books with a lot of hype quite off-putting, since they never really live up to it. However, when it comes to comics or graphic novels, the hype doesn’t disappoint. Maybe it’s because I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to comics or maybe they are just universally loved.

Orange is a manga series, that focuses on a group of friends in high school, so your basic contemporary story, but with a twist. Our main character Naho, starts getting letters from her future self, 10 years in the future. And future Naho warns her to pay attention to the new transfer student so she can prevent the biggest regret of her life.

I have never read manga before, and this was the perfect introduction. There are two volumes in total, so you can get the whole story in one go. The plot is intriguing and so heartfelt. I loved how the author managed to make me so emotionally invested in the story. I really loved the characters, especially the secondary ones. I felt they had a lot of depth, given the fact that it’s manga and not a novel. I did not know what to expect from this, but it really took me by surprise. The story even made me tear up. It’s really beautiful at times, and you just can’t help rooting for the characters.

I will say that the art is something that I, a person who doesn’t know anything about manga, found quite standard and generic. I never know how to discern one manga art style from the other, they all seem similar to me. It’s very simple with little detail and black & white, so it wasn’t anything that blew me away. But the story totally makes up for all that.

This story deals with mental illness as well, and I loved how the topic of culture was incorporated in the mix and it was really nicely done.

Also, for me personally, the first volume was a bit better, and the ending left some loose ends, especially when it comes to the secondary characters, but that aside, the series as a whole is great. I would definitely suggest that you pick it up if you like YA contemporary stories with a bit of depth to them or if you’re looking for something to gets you into manga.

Hope you enjoyed the post and let me know if you have read Orange! Also, since I mentioned Booktube, let me know if you want me to do some Booktuber recommendations!


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