Ten Booktubers to Look Into.

I am an avid watcher of Booktube videos. A couple of years ago I discovered Booktube, and it completely changed my reading around. I was always a big reader, but I used to only reread my favorite books a bunch of times. I would find something, and if I liked it, I stuck to it. Booktube introduced me to a much more varied reading selection, and I found some of my absolute favorite books through it.

So I decided to recommend you some of my absolute favorite Booktube channels!

1. Jen Campbell

Jen is a lovely person and her videos are so great! She mostly talks about adult fiction, and she seems to be quite an expert on magical realism and fairytales. Also, she is a big poetry reader, and I am not, but I loved every poetry collection I picked up on her recommendation. She is very good at communicating the feeling of a book, and her videos are therefore so interesting. You should definitely check her out if you haven’t already.

2. Mercedes from MercysBookishMusings

Mercedes is another one of my faves, and I especially like her videos because she is very critical in her reviews and I love that. Especially because if she says that a book is amazing, it has merit. Again, she has some amazing recommendations, and definitely check her videos out!

3. Simon from SavidgeReads

This is a new subscription for me, but I nonetheless love Simon’s video. He has such a charming personality and all of his videos are so calm and quiet, and I really enjoy that. Again, found some amazing books through his channel, so be sure to give them a look.

4. Lauren from Lauren and the Books

Again, a new subscription, but still a great one. Lauren has such a sparkly amd genuine personality, that as soon as I’ve seen 30 seconds of one of her videos, I already subscribed. Her videos are very energetic because she is so positive, but they still feel cozy and like you’re just having a casual chat with her.

5. Regan from PeruseProject

Regan is one of the first people I started watching and she is the one of two of those Booktubers I still continue to watch. She talks a lot YA and Fantasy, and her videos are always so upbeat and fun.

6. Raeleen from Padfoot and Prongs 07

Raeleen is the second Booktuber I still watch, even though I subscribed way back when I found Booktube. I found some amazing Graphic Novels through her channel, and I just love how genuine she seems when she talks about books so I love her channel a lot.

7. David from The Poptimist

David has some of the most unique videos on Booktube. I love the style of his reviews and just the general way in which he presents the books he reads and his thoughts on them. All of his videos are great and he is one of those Booktubers that definitely deserves more attention.

8. Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes

Sam is probably my all time favorite Booktuber. I love the books she talks about, how she mixes both YA and Adult books and how genuinely excited she gets about book characters. She is also very honest and I her videos are very versatile and she is so so great. And her makeup is always on point.

9. Anna from A Case for Books

If you’re craving for something different than what you’re used to seeing in the Booktube community look no further. Anna has such an amazing concept in presenting her books and editing her videos that you will love the videos based on aesthetic alone. But her videos are also full of amazing books and she has such a pleasent and soothing voice. The only issue with her channel is that she doesn’t upload that often, and I could watch her videos all day long. If you’re gonna subscribe to one channel from this list, subscribe to her. Anna has a blog where she posts reviews, so you can check that out as well.

10. Jean from Jean BookishThoughts

Jean is another great Booktuber from the UK. Her channel is full of great books, and lately she’s been talking about non fiction a lot more, and I really love her recommendations. She has a very strong opinion and I love that, and it transfers to her reviews so they are always highly informative.

That’s it for my recommendations! If you have some recommendations for me, please leave them in the comments! I would especially love some recommendations on some lesser known Booktube channels!


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