A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

It’s been awhile since I was completely immersed in a book.

It takes a lot for me to be completely in love with a novel. I tend to love a book, but I am not truly in it. I am not fully immersed or engaged. However, A Visit From the Goon Squad had me from the beginning.

This is a story that follows multiple characters, but the core characters are Bennie, a record executive/producer and his assistant Sasha. This is a structurally very unique novel. Even though they are the core characters, the story doesn’t revolve around them. Rather, you get to meet and spend time with a whole host of interesting characters that are somehow connected to them.

I really loved everything about this. Each chapter focuses on a different character, so you basically get a short story about them, with the thread that runs through the whole novel and ties it all together.

The story jumps around in different timelines, so you have to constantly work to completely get how everything connects and I loved that. You get these different people, each of them gets their own space, but they are all interwoven so nicely. I am so very impressed with how the author managed to make all of this work together so brilliantly.

I loved ALL of the characters. They felt so real, and they were so very very flawed, which I adore. Give me a well written character study about a very flawed character, and I am bound to like the book.

The story also focuses on Time, with a capital T. I found that the main thing, the focus of the book is the passing of time. No matter what these characters did or said or became, in the end, Time got to them. In both good and bad ways. And Egan did a fantastic job portraying this.

I also loved that the backdrop for this novel was the music industry. I found that extra bit really made the novel.

I wholeheartedly recommend this one to you, because it really is amazing. Let me know if you read this and if you liked it!

Final verdict: 5 stars (also yay for my first 5 star rating of 2017!)


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