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RedditGifts Book Exchange 2017.

You should try RedditGifts. 

I participate in Reddit’s Gift Exchanges pretty regularly. They started with their Secret Santa exchange a few years back, but now they do a bunch of different ones (like Star Wars, Photographs, Postcards, Disney…). And obviously my favorite one, and the one I always participate in is Books exchange!

You basically sign up through RedditGifts, fill out your preferences and you get matched with a stranger – you buy a book for someone, and a different someone gets a book for you! It’s a lot of fun and you should check it out for sure!

Now, I saw that Mystery Date With a Book  did a post on her gifts so I thought I’d do the same.

So first up, I LOVE when I get a packaged gift. It feels like Christmas when I open it, and it’s just so lovely! And Amazon’s new packaging is so pretty! Look at that pattern:


And then I got a note from my giftee, and it’s so on point. I did want to get into more Science Fiction!


And as the note says, I got:


I actually am so excited to read this! I wanted to read Dune since forever, I just never got around to it. But I love the gift and it was spot on! And this is actually a bindup of three novels in the series, so it’s going to satisfy my SciFi needs for a while.

Let me know if you ever participated in any of the RedditGifts exchanges!


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