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Weekly TBR Additions (21. March 2017.)

A weekly feature where I talk about the books I added to my TBR.

A bit of a shorter post this week since I did not add as much books in the past week. That’s mainly due to the fact that this week’s episode of All the Books had a smaller selection of books and that show is the main supplier of my TBR! Still a couple of books though, so I hope you enjoy!

1. The Dark Circle by Linda Grant

The Dark Circle

Goodreads Page

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Why I added it: Another one of those books that popped up on my Goodreads and someone (I believe it was Simon of SavidgeReads) raved about it, so I immediately added it. As you might have gathered, I mainly function on recommendations. This is set after WWII in a tuberculosis sanatorium I believe and it seems like it has a intriguing cast of characters, and I am all about that!

2. The Comfort Zone by Sally Thorne

Goodreads page

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Why I added it: As you might have gathered, I became obsessed with Sally Thorne’s book The Hating Game (check out my review HERE ). So much so, I read it two times in the span of three days. So it was only natural her next release is going straight to my TBR.

3. Heather, the Totality by Matthew Weiner

Heather, the Totality

Goodreads Page

Preorder on Book Depository

Why I added it: Three reasons. Number One – I love the title. Number Two – Leena at JustKissMyFrog on Youtube spoke about this and I really liked it. Number Three (and most importantly) – it is described as: The tale of a family and a psychopath. ALL GREAT THINGS.

So that’s it for this week’s TBR updates. Let me know if you found some new books in the comments!


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