Buzz Words That Make Me Want to Instantly Buy the Book

Let’s talk about buzz words in blurbs that make me want to read a book immediately.

We all have a thing when it comes to books. That one thing that we always look for in a book. Imagine this: you’re reading a blurb or a review and then a sentence or a word appears and you ‘re instantly like I need this in my life right now. Those are buzz words and I am gonna tell you what mine are!

1. A Group of Friends… 

I just really like close knit groups of friends. Where everyone loves everyone so much and knows everyone so well. And naturally confrontations occur, but their dynamic is always there and everyone is connected to everyone else. And then like the pairs of friends within a group, ah I just love it. Like every one of the pairs is specific and a different kind of friendship, but still it all works in the whole group and those levels of the dynamic…! I adore that stuff. That’s why The Raven Cycle and A Little Life are some of my favorite books ever.

2. A Family Torn Apart…

Or something along those lines. Family drama is another one of my favorite things. I really like exploring character dynamics, and that goes for families as well for friends’ groups. I think that all the stuff that goes inside a family can be so complex and deep and it leaves so much room for amazing literary analysis of that kind of dynamic. Love it, live for it. That’s why We Need to Talk About Kevin or Did You Ever Have a Family are some of my faves.

3. Small Town

I’ve spoke about this on and on, so I’ll just leave my discussion on it HERE and shut up about it already.

4. A Unique Magic System…

I love Fantasy. I really do. I especially love Fantasy with MAGIC. And when that magic is really unique and when the system is intricate and well developed, I am instantly sold. I love magic with rules and limitations as well, so anything that features an well thought out magic system, I am down for it. Like Mistborn (or some other books on this LIST ).

5. An Unlikable Female Character…

Or a variation of that. I talked previously about how I like when females are unlikable and gross and well, bad people. We don’t see enough of that and I for one love that. We need more Amy Elliott-Dunes in literature. You can read more on that topic HERE .

Bonus buzz word: Maggie Stiefvater. Just because.

So hope you enjoyed this post on my buzz words! If you have any recs based on these, please leave them below and tell me what are some of yours!


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7 thoughts on “Buzz Words That Make Me Want to Instantly Buy the Book

  1. Ah, I love small towns and unlikable female characters and a group of friends! Always my favorite! I’m also a fan of anti-heroes, heists, or any moment where a book says it’s “twisty” in the blurb. I always cave for that. XD

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