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Time for another tag! This tag was created by Zuky over at Book Bum and she did an amazing job! I adore Greek mythology, so I was so excited to see question related to all the gods and I think this tag is super fun! I was tagged by Zuky herself, and thank you so much tagging me, as you can see I had to immediately get to the tag! Please go follow her blog, she is one of my absolute faves!


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Zeus: King of the Gods – your favourite book

Image result for a little lifeI think everyone knows about my favorite book by now, but there’s no harm in telling you again – A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. As I’ve already spoken about this a million times, I just want to emphasize how this book made me feel. I was so emotionally attached to everything that happened in it. It’s the first time I was truly living the book itself. And I’ve thought about this ever since I read it, out of the blue, out of context, it would just pop up in my mind. So by no means is this a perfect book, but if a book makes you feel like I just explained A Little Life made me feel, it’s only fair you deem it your favorite. I’m even afraid of rereading it, just so I don’t lose the initial feeling of it. But one day. You can read my review for it HERE , and you can check out my favorite books by genre HERE.


Hera: Queen of the Gods – a badass female character

Image result for the dream thievesThe Women of 300 Fox Way in the Raven Cycle: Maura Sargent, Cala and Persephone. I know, it’s a bit of a cheat, but I just think that when you look at them as a package, they are a force to be reckoned with. I love how eccentric they are, I love how they are written so naturally, in a way that their magic seems so etheral and real. You can almost feel it. I also think that they are such an amazing female role model for Blue, each of them in a different, unique way. And yes, Cala is probably the most badass of them all, but all three are such amazing female characters and I adore them.

Also, Minerva McGonagall. I just read one of the Pottermore short stories about her, and all I can say, she is such a badass female character, and I love her so so much. This story reveals a completely different side of her, and we all know how I like my female characters to be versatile and have layers on top of their badassness (yup, it’s a word, I just made it). Definitely recommend you check that one out.


Janus: God of Beginnings – your favourite debut(s)

I think Janus is actually a Roman god, but who cares. There are so many wonderful debuts out there, so I’m gonna list a few for you that I absolutely loved.

  1. The Girls by Emma Cline – if you want a story about what it’s like to be a young girl set to a back drop of a cult, pick this one up.
  2. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline– if you like geeky stuff, video games, and a tone of 80s reference, pick this one up
  3. Idaho by Emily Ruskovich – if you like quiet family stories that grip you by the end, pick this one up
  4. Sharp Object by Gillian Flynn – if you like unlikable female characters and psychological thrillers, pick this one up
  5. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss – if you like well written Fantasy, pick this one up
  6. Did You Ever Have a Family by Bill Clegg – if you like family stories and multiple plot lines, pick this one up

Just pick all of them up, they are all superb, especially when you consider that these are the authors first novels!


Athena: Goddess of Wisdom – your favourite non-fiction book

Image result for we should all be feministsI don’t read a lot of non fiction, but I do have two favorites. Read We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. And then buy it for all your friends. It’s so inspiring and smart and has strong, solid arguments that are never preachy. If you’d like to know more on the subject of feminism, and what books to pick up, you can do so here.

Image result for born a crimeAnother favorite is Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. If you want a modest, smart, witty and heartfelt novel, that even has some educational aspects (if you are ignorant and no nothing of South Africa like I was). SO wonderful, please check it out. And my review.


Aphrodite: Goddess of Love – a book you adore and recommend everyone read (other than your favourite book!)

Image result for wonder r.j palacioDefinitely Wonder by R. J. Palacio. Such a beautiful book, that touches on an important topic, and is definitely hard and discusses serious stuff, but it’s so hopeful and leaves you feeling all nice. I always recommend this one to people who aren’t big readers, and they always love it. I think it’s a book for everyone, especially for children, cause it’s centered around bullying. But grown ups should obviously read it too. Because they can be even bigger bullies tbh.


Hades: God of the Underworld – an evil book you wish didn’t exist

Image result for impulse ellen hopkinsI actually luuuv Hades in all of his shapes and forms, and never think of him as evil. More like a bit devilish and frustrated. But oh well. My most hated book is a book I actually, truly believe it’s bad is Impulse by Ellen Hopkins. I adore some of her books but this one made me so angry. It’s concentrated on mental illness, and it’s done so atrociously. It’s offensive and inaccurate and is just a bad representation of mental health. A lot of issues, the main one being that a serious mental illness in a teenager is cured by her falling in love. Quite problematic. Avoid it at all costs.


Poseidon: God of the Sea & Earthquakes – a beautiful & ground-breaking book

Image result for undying a love storyThis was the hardest question for me, the only one where the answer didn’t immediately pop into my head. Now, I am gonna go with my own interpretation of the question and say: Undying: A Love Story by Michel Faber. This is a poetry collection of poems (shocking I know) Faber wrote about his late wife who died of cancer. It was ground-breaking for me, because I never read poetry that moved me as much as this did. Or fiction for that matter. It’s raw and visceral and harrowing, but it’s also beautiful, filled with so much sadness and deep, profound love. I highly encourage you to pick this up.


Apollo: God of the Arts – a beautiful book cover

Image result for the bone clocksI will never not mention this as the answer to this question. You can also check the whole tag I did on pretty book covers.


Hypnos: God of Sleep – a book so boring you almost fell asleep

Homesick for Another World by Otessa MoshfeghI actually did not finish this one, I was so bored. Beyond excited for it, and then I could not even finish it. I was actually gutted about it.


Hermes: Messenger of the Gods – a book you sped through

Image result for the hating game sally thorneThe Hating Game by Sally Thorne. I loved this one, read it in one night, with uni classes in the morning waiting for me. It was such a quick, lovely, hate-to-love Romance, and I absolutely adored it. You can find more of my thoughts on it HERE.








AND WE’RE DONE! That was so much fun! Once again, please go check out Book Bum because she’s awesome. And if you fancy, you can buy any of these books here, which helps me out a lot!

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23 thoughts on “The Greek Gods Book Tag

  1. Ah, I love Wonder as well! I flew through that book when I was younger, and it was so good! ❤ I also like Hades, but that’s probably because of the Percy Jackson books! 😂 And I actually still need to read Ready Player One! I feel like I’ll love it, but I still haven’t read it! 🙈

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    1. Same, I read it so fast and loved every minute of it! It’s definitely due in part to Percy Jackson, but I also love every mention of Hades in pop culture and even the original myths, and the Hades-Persephone dynamic is my FAVE. Oh, I think you’ll Ready Player One, it’s definitely one of those books that everyone seems to enjoy and it’s a lot of fun!

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  2. Thanks for doing the tag! I actually like Hades too, but I couldn’t think of anything other than making his topic evil haha! He’s often portrayed as the bad guy, I guess, so that’s where I got it from, but no hate on Hades here! I really liked the novel Idaho too! Thanks again for doing this!! 😀

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