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Revisiting Old Reviews: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Another new feature is upon us.

You know how there’s these books that you read some time ago and then suddenly (prompted by their new paperback release or some nice edit on Tumblr) you have this urge to reread them? But then you never have the time, but still there’s this need to revisit that particular story? I found the cure for it! I write reviews for almost all books I read: some of them on Goodreads and some of them are on my Books Amino blog. So I just go back to revisit my review and I am instantly transported back to the feeling of the book.

I found that even though I don’t remember most of the stuff that happens in a book, I always remember the feeling that book gave. And reviews encapsulate that feeling perfectly. At least mine do. I am more about my emotions and thoughts on the book, than the plot and the overall setup of the book. So rereading reviews works perfectly.

So, I thought I’d share with you some of my old reviews and tell you how I feel about them now! And first up – Carry On by Rainbow Rowell! Here’s what I wrote about it:

I really, really enjoyed this book. There are things that I really loved, and some things that I didn’t love as much. But, the stuff I love overpower the other stuff!!!

Stuff I loved -The CHARACTERS. They were all so great. I loved the all. I adore Baz. He is one of my new favorite characters ever. EVER.

The ROMANCE. Nobody can write a romance like Rainbow Rowell can. A real, powerful romance. That makes you feel all tingley and nice, without it ever being too much or overbearing.

The DIALOGUE. Like the back-and-forth between these characters is amazing. The way they interact with each other – Simon and Baz, Baz and Penelope, Penelope and Simon, Agatha and Penelope… I mean it’s all so real and I love it. So.much.

Little bits I also enjoyed – the magic spells. Priceless. Ebb. The name Davy. It’s ridiculous.

And speaking of it, I loved the note of ridiculousness this book had. It was so funny and completely… bonkers I guess. It had this underlying tone of “not taking itself too seriously” and I really loved it. This was presented as a fantasy novel, but it really isn’t. There’s no world building and this book heavily relies on people knowing the story of Harry Potter. When I say heavily, I mean that you probably aren’t gonna enjoy it as much if you haven’t read Harry Potter. Harry Potter sustains it. So the fact that it never takes itself too seriously is a really smart choice.

I also loved the numpties. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

Minor things I didn’t love as much – the HP references. I didn’t hate them, there were just a lot of them. And it was strange to me. Also the first half really dragged out, and then the ending was rushed and not tidy. I don’t like messy endings. When I say messy, I don’t mean open. I mean abrupt and sudden endings.

BUT overall GREAT. Definitely recommend it. Especially if you like Rainbow Rowell, it’s got all of her good stuff and something new and extra.

I do lack some cohesiveness in my writing, but overall all of this remains true. I think Rowell’s characters and the way she writes romance are definitely her strong points. This was no exception. I really loved Baz’s character, even though he is your typical broody, mean-on-the-surface-but-needs-love-on-the-inside type of character. I thought the romance was so sweet, albeit a bit unbelievable. I thought that the concept was also interesting. It’s basically a fan fiction, but just better written and kind of less tied to the original content. I do still think the references were a bit too much by the end of it. BUT overall, it still remains true that I loved reading this and I especially loved how crazy the book was and how it never took itself seriously.

Original and final verdict: 4 stars

Let me know how you like this new feature, if it’s something you find interesting and tell me what book have you been dying to reread recently!


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5 thoughts on “Revisiting Old Reviews: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

  1. I still need to read this book! Hopefully, I’ll buy it at Bookcon or something and have a hard copy of it (it’s so picture-worthy)! I did read the first 100 or so pages on iBooks and loved it – I just wasn’t in a fantasy mood at the time! 😝

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