Discussion: Rating Books Before You Read Them

Let’s have a discussion, shall we?

This topic has been done a number of times, but everybody has an opinion so I am going to share mine, because I feel like it. Btw, enter my giveaway HERE.

Every once in a while, there are books I get excited about that aren’t out yet. They are happening in such a distant future that no one has read an ARC of it, and then I go onto Goodreads and low and behold, 5 star ratings all over the place.

I get the excitement. I do. But I truly don’t understand where the need to rate it comes from. I get that people love their authors, but a book can end up being really bad. And I might see your rating and think that’s great and I’ll pick it up, and it turns out it’s bad.  And while this is no problem for you personally, ratings generate buzz. This might not seem important from the 5 star rating aspect, but what about those 1 star ratings before you read a book or before the book is even out?

This has been a trend I have seen online and I hate it. A blogger will read a book, and then deem it the spawn of the devil or whatever, and then encourage their following to treat it like that as well. And while I get where that’s coming from (for example, you read a book, you find it problematic, so you don’t want to encourage that). the fact that people will then go on to rate the books 1 star and talk about how said book is trash WITHOUT READING it, gets on my nerves.

First of all, you don’t know how you’ll feel about the book. You’ve seen quotes (which can be taken out of context), you’ve heard people talk, but the truth is you don’t know. And it can totally affect the books success.

What I hate most about it, is the mob mentality that it entails. OF course books can be bad, and damaging, and problematic, and you SHOULD always speak up about it, but be your own person. Form your own opinions. Always have valid arguments to back up your stance on a topic. Especially if you’re a blogger that has a following. Due your due. Read and then judge. You can proceed to burn the book after that, for all I care. But read first, and rate later. 

So what’s your stance on rating books before you read them? Do you do it? Please don’t. Kidding! Please tell me why and come discuss in the comments with me!


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14 thoughts on “Discussion: Rating Books Before You Read Them

  1. AH I HATE THIS! The latter has been going on A LOT lately, and it’s getting on my nerves, if I’m being honest. Like, the first couple of times, I was like, “Meh.” but now someone will be upset over a sentence or a synopsis for a book that hasn’t come out yet, make a Twitter thread about it, and then everyone will start calling it problematic. It’s gotten so bad that now I’ve just started rolling my eyes and moving on. But I’m definitely sick of seeing people rate books before they read them, especially as a form of “protest” (which is??? no, it’s not???).

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  2. Yes to everything! Seriously drives me insane! I especially can’t stand it when, like you said, there’s a mob mentality over something and they don’t have their own opinion to base it on. I get that if there’s a problem with it that you speak up. But that’s one persons problem and opinion. Ugh I could talk about this forever!

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    1. Exactly, it’s one person’s point of view! Moreover if something is truly problematic, if just ONE person says it is, and then everyone just hits one star without reading, we really aren’t addressing the issue. We aren’t validating that one person’s opinion because we DIDN’T read the book. And yeah, I could go on with this forever as well! 😂

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  3. Yes! I totally agree! No wonder I’ll read a book and realise it was wayyyy better than the star rating or wonder why it got such a high rating when it wasn’t very good. I can really see how rating the book before hand plays a massive part in the overall big picture of its rating.

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      1. It’s actually pretty easy to spot it! Like Cassandra Clare’s books get a lot of 5 star ratings before hand, when we don’t even know what they are going to be about (except that they are about Shadowhunters, because she won’t write anything else 😂) or SJM’s books. And most recently, The Black Witch received so much hate, with a slew of one star reviews without anyone reading it. So yeah, you can spot them easily 😂

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