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Weekly TBR Update (9. June 2017.)

A weekly feature in which I tell you about new books I added to my TBR.

Long time no TBR update! I had so many other posts to write, so I didn’t have time for a TBR update! But I am back, and with some great books at that! Remember that I have a giveaway going on that you should totally enter!

1. Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices, #2)

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Why I added it: I just recently finished Lady Midnight, and I enjoyed it enough to want to continue on with the series. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but I am interested in some of the characters, so I am looking forward to reading this. At some point. You can read my review for Lady Midnight HERE.

2. A Judgment in Stone by Ruth Rendell

A Judgement in Stone

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Why I added it: On my Goodreads, when someone adds me as a friend, I ask them what their favorite book is. It’s a great way to get recommendations and it’s always fun to see what people like. This one was recommended by the lovely Janel from Keeper of Pages (I’m pretty sure it was you, please correct me if I am wrong) AND it’s a thriller about a Valentine’s Day massacre which honestly sounds awesome.

3. Peas and Carrots by Tanita S. Davis

Peas and Carrots

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Why I added it: This one was mentioned in one of my Book Riot Newsletters and it immediately caught my attention. It’s about a white teen who is placed into foster care with a black family while her mother’s in prison, and it’s mostly about the girl’s struggle to connect and make friends with her foster sister. It sounds super awesome.

4. She Rides Shotgun by Jordan Harper

She Rides Shotgun

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Why I added it: This is a sort of thriller-ish story about a 11 year old Polly who gets picked up by her dad after school one day, on the day he is released from prison. Now, her dad got on the wrong side of basically a skinhead gang in prison, and now there’s a bounty for his and Polly’s head. So this is basically a story about the two of them on the run. Yup.

5. The Perennials by Mandy Berman

Perennials: A Novel

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Why I added it: This is deemed a perfect summer read and it’s about two friends who always go to summer camp together, but the year they come back to camp as counselors, they really start to get on each other’s nerves. We follow a lot of different perspectives, from both the two friends and their families and also other people at the camp, as things build up to a tragic event. Sounds DRAMATIC and superb.

6. Hurt by Tabitha Suzuma


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Why I added it: This is again one of those “favorite books from Goodreads friends” thing. I had Suzuma’s other book Forbidden on my TBR for ages, but I haven’t heard of this one before. It’s supposedly about a golden boy who has it all, until one weekend where something awful happens and his whole life turns around. I don’t know, but it peaked my interest.

So those are all of the new books I discovered recently. Like always, I highly encourage you to share with me your new finds and let me know if you read or want to read any of these!


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3 thoughts on “Weekly TBR Update (9. June 2017.)

  1. Yep, A Judgement in Stone recommendation was me – it’s my favourite classic Crime book and the reason I love Ruth Rendell! I really hope you enjoy it and I can’t wait to here your thoughts on it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, I was pretty sure it was you, and it’s a crime book so I figured I was right! I forgot to link to your blog, I’ll rectify that right now! And thank you, it’s definitely going to be my next crime read, when I am in the mood for it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah, so many of these to add to my TBR! The Perennials, She Rides Shotgun, and A Judgment in Stone all sound so interesting! I already have Lord of Shadows on my TBR! Heard there was a major character death in the book, and I’m hoping it’s a character I don’t like. 😂


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