More Booktubers to Look Into.

More lovely bookish people you should check out. 

A while back, I did a post on my favorite Booktubers you should check out, and I am back again with more recommendations. I love watching Booktube videos, and when I am in a slump, watching videos about books really helps me get out of them. And I found so many great recs through Booktube, and since I am barely reading because of exams, why not share some more of my faves on Booktube? Also, the giveaway is still happening, so you still have a chance to enter!

1. Kierstan from BookDrunkInLove’s Book Talk

Now, I’ve been following Kierstan for a while now, when she just had a Tumblr blog (which is also cool and you should check it out here). But I love her videos, I could listen to her talk forever. If you’re into romance and fantasy, this is the place to go. Highly recommend. And her kids are adorable!

2. Connor O’Brien

I’ve been following Connor for a while now, and I love his videos. He talks mainly about Fantasy and Middle Grade books and his videos are always a lot of fun. Plus he has the cutest dogs and you get to see them in videos sometimes and it’s all great.

3. Katie from ChapterStackss

Katie is a recent subscription, but I’ve known her channel for a while. She is a huge psychological thriller/horror reader, so I’ve found some books through her channel that I otherwise wouldn’t have picked up. She is also a psychology student (like myself), and she does thse PsychPop videos which are great. Definitely check her out.

4. Ariel Bissett

If you have been on Booktube for a while, you have definitely heard of Ariel. Her videos are so aesthetically pleasing, and the way she edits and makes her videos is so wonderful. I love her haul videos and the way she presents her books. She is great and definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

5. Marines from MyNameIsMarines

Definitely one of my favorites. Marines is so wonderful, and I love how critical she is in her reading and reviewing. I feel like her videos are so well planned, and she always discusses a lot of different topics concerning books in general. Be sure to check her channel out.

6. Zoë from ReadByZoe

Zoe is absolutely adorable. She mostly talks about YA books, and mostly contemporaries, and she has such a bubbly personality and it shines through her videos. She’s also a big Jane Austen fan which is always great to hear. Definitely look through her channel, she is lovely.

7. Ameriie from Books Beauty Ameriie

Ameriie is such a charming person, and her videos are as well. She talks about a wide variety of genres and I love her articulate she is in conveying her thoughts on books. I instantly want to read something as soon as she recommends it. AND she is the editor of the Because You Love to Hate Me anthology, which pairs up authors and booktubers, who then write stories about villains. Fabulous. Be sure to check her videos out.

SO that’s it for more of my Booktube recs. As always I’d love to hear what are your faves, let me know in the comments below!


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