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How to Make a Post Stand Out: Blogging Tips #2

Another post in a series where I share my non-existent wisdom on blogging.

So lately I’ve been thinking about how this blog has grown, and what makes people keep coming to it. I pay a lot of attention to my statistics (more on that in another post) and so I have insight into what makes my posts interesting, what makes them stand out. So I am here to impart knowledge on how to make your posts stand out. If you’d like to see my tips on writing reviews, you can do so HERE.

1. Be Original

This is one of the main tips you’ll get when starting a blog in general, but it really is the most important one. When you first start out, it might seem safe for you to write posts that everyone else is writing. While that can be great for you to get into the swing of things, the posts that will attract people to your blog are the ones that are different. Try to think of new, original ideas or just try to make an otherwise popular topic your own. What I mean by it is that you can, for example, do a TBR post or a Wrap Up, but make it your own thing. Try to make it different and try to make it more YOU. Impose your own structure on a otherwise familiar post. It’s something that has proven useful for me personally.

The take away: Always do your own thing.

2. Be Yourself

This ties into the first tip, but it’s a bit different. What I mean by this is to make your blog reflect who you are. For example, my Young Adult posts and my posts about generally popular books generate the best views. People are interested in those kinds of topics, however, that isn’t really reflective of my reading. I do read YA and I do read popular books, but this blog will mostly feature some lesser known books and more adult fiction. Don’t feel pressured to change your reading so you can cater to the audience. Make content that will attract the audience that will appreciate the things you put out there.

The take away: Always do your own thing. Again.

3. Variety is a Necessity

The key thing to keep in mind is that your posts and content have to be fresh. If you keep posting the same thing over and over, people will just start skipping over it. If it were up to me, I’d only be writing reviews all the time. But reviews are very tricky and one of the least interesting to readers, so I have to alternate between reviews and other content. The key is to always try to do something new and different. Alternate between different kinds of posts. Features are a great way to do this. For example, I have a couple of them going on at all times, so that makes alternating between various topics easy and at the same times means doing posts I really like to do.

The take away: Keep it fresh and exciting.

4. Be Inspired

This might be a more difficult one to achieve but try to sit down to write a post in an inspired mood. Don’t just write posts because today is your posting day. The key to making your posts interesting is to be interested in them yourself. Write posts you’re genuinely excited about and people will notice that. A quick side note: inspiration can come from a tone of different places. Read books, read other people’s blogs, watch series and movies, go outside. Anything can spark up an idea for a post. And when you have a great idea, your readers are bound to notice it.

The take away: Always be excited to write a blog post.

5. Listen to the Stats

I have mentioned briefly in the intro that I pay a lot of attention to my statistics. This is something I did not do as much when I was first starting out. Your statistics are important, but not because of the numbers themselves (screw the numbers), but just because they reflect what your readers like to see. If a post is generating a lot of views (or more than usual), it’s a sign you’re doing something right. People are excited about it. Analyze that post and see what you did there. Read the comments. Try to figure out what it is about that post that attracted attention. And then just repeat that.

The take away: Pay attention to the statistics. But don’t stress over them!

6. Format, Format, Format

I am using a tip from my previous post, but that’s because I can’t stress it enough. The way your post looks is important. Keep it attractive to look at. Keep it visually pleasing. Make eye candy. Format as much as you can. Make graphics, use colors and headings. Separate the post into coherent paragraphs. It really does make a difference.

The take away: Make all your posts pretty.

So those are my tips for making your posts stand out. Did you find them helpful? Are there any you’d like to share? And is there a topic you would like for me to discuss in the next post? Let me know!


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17 thoughts on “How to Make a Post Stand Out: Blogging Tips #2

  1. Totally agree with so many of these! Being inspired was what helped my blog go from all tags and reviews to different types of posts like discussions and lists, so that was a huge influence! And I definitely listen to stats! I feel like if a certain post consistently doesn’t do well even though I’m taking hours to do it, I can just go ahead and nix it, since I could be using that time to write a different post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did not check my stats at all (at least not in the way I do now) or really I did not do any of these things, when I was starting out, but I realise now that they are so important. It’s definitely a learning process. Thank you, I am glad they were helpful for you!


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