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Chit Chat: Hate-Reading and Why I Love It

Let’s talk about some easy bookish topics.

Introducing a new feature (because when am I not)! The Chit Chat Feature is a place on this blog where we’ll dish out on some of the “sillier” bookish topics. The first topic in the installment: HATE-READING.
I was talking to a friend of mine about a book I picked up and I told them how I know I am gonna hate it, and that’s why I was reading it. And they were flabbergasted. So I thought we’d have a chat about why would you subject yourself to the torture of reading a book you know you won’t enjoy. Fun times!
it's funTo be quite honest with you, stupid books entertain me to no end. I love noting all the stuff that’s bad about a book. The writing, the plot, the characters – it can all pretty much suck, and I would be there for it. It’s like with trashy reality tv, you can’t take your eyes of it. I am personally lucky that bad books don’t make me angry, they make me laugh. So I always have a good time. This is especially true for Romance. There are so many Romance novels I hated (and tbh, most of it is not that well written, so I hate read most of it), but I finished all of them, because I was having too much fun.
fastandeasyI think hate-reading a book is really easy. Do I love Yanagihara’s A Little Life? Yes. Was it easy to read? HELL NO. And hate-reading books is so damn easy. For example, I HATED Throne of Glass. So much. But I finished it IN A DAY. There’s this unrelenting force that drives you forward. The thought of “CAN IT POSSIBLY GET WORSE?”. The answer is usually yes, it can, but that doesn’t stop me from furiously flipping the pages in hope that it will all crash and burn and I’ll end up laughing more than ever.

youreabloggerI’ve been talking books on the Internet for a while, even before this blog happened. So I feel like reviewing books, and talking about them, saying what works and what doesn’t is part of what I “do“. If my hate-reading can help someone who doesn’t like hate-reading not waste their time, well that’s just a nice plus.

The conclusion: It’s easy, fast and I enjoy it WAY more than I should. Plus, as bloggers we have a duty to let people know when a book is bad. And that we do.

A quick recommendation:

If you enjoy snarkiness and hate-reading you have to follow Marines on Twitter. She live tweets her reading of books she doesn’t enjoy (she did TMI, Twilight and most recently and wonderfully The Handbook for Mortals) and it’s SUPER entertaining.
anythoughtsSo are you a hate-reader? Do you do it sometimes? Or do you always abandon books you dislike? Let me know in the comments! Oh and also, let me know how you like these separator/header things! The cactus is there because I love them, and if you follow me on Instagram then you know they are a part of my aesthetic (lol, jk, I don’t have one).


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13 thoughts on “Chit Chat: Hate-Reading and Why I Love It

  1. I do hate-read, but I never PICK UP a book to hate-read it. Mostly, I just pick up a book, and a little into it, I realise how horrible it is. There’s only two things I can do after that : DNF it, or hate-read it! I usually hate-read the books I find trashy or silly, or just to see how much worse they can get. Loved your post 🙂

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  2. I’ve never actually hate-read a book before. I don’t go into reading books knowing that I’ll hate them. Are there books that I have read that I ended up hating after reading them, yes I have. I hated Illuminae and The Magicians, but I went into them not knowing how I was going to feel about them. And Marines is amazing, I love her snarkiness when she live-tweets the books she’s reading.

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    1. That’s really interesting. I guess it’s not really intuitive for people to go read something they would hate, but I found that kind of helps with my reading slumps, which seems weird but that’s how it is. And yay, I feel like not enough people watch Marines, she is so wonderful!


  3. Ouch! This is like standing on hot coals – uncomfortable stuff this sole bearing.
    The more I read, the more I learn to pick up badly written work. I can be exasperated by the errors in a book. If it is a book I’ve been asked to review, I will try really hard to give helpful feedback on these for the author. What frustrates me most is, if they refuse to accept the errors, then I’ll see reviews which are positively glowing for a book which is duping someone who may go and spend money buying it.
    I’ll now crawl off to lie in a dark room, muttering ‘Choices everyone has choices’. See? – I’m a teeny bit passionate about books and want to help get a book to be the very best it can for others to enjoy.
    Have you ever picked up a book deliberately because someone said it had loads of errors, just to see if you can find them too? Waves a guilty white flag, I have agh! 😭

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  4. I hate read books 1 & 2 in the TMI series. I CANNOT stand Jace so I imagined punching him in the throat about every chapter or so. It was oddly satisfying even though the writing was awful.

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