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Welcome back to Inside My Library Mind, where we haven’t finished a book in ages.

Okay, that’s a bit dramatic. It’s been two weeks, but it feels like ages. When you tackle those big books, it seems like you’re reading less, even though I basically read almost 600 pages of it. So since I can’t produce a review for you, I am gonna tell you a bit about what I am currently reading.

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

As you probably know (since I’ve been talking non stop about it), I’ve started The Way of Kings mid-September. And the page count is at meager 1.2 k pages. IT’S SO DENSE. Do you know when things start to pick up? At page 520. Before that, it’s just a lot of world building and laying the groundwork. And it’s taxing. Truly. I am enjoying the story and the characters FINALLY, so hopefully I’ll finish it before I have too much obligations and become unable too. One thing I will say is that everybody said this is better than Mistborn, and all I can tell you: it’s not true. Mistborn was a chuncker as well, but I was instantly hooked on it. This took around 400 pages for me to enjoy it and I am still not entirely sold on the world. SO yup, that’s how that’s working out.

Artemis by Andy Weir

I always have an ARC on the go, so I have started Artemis by Andy Weir and I am really enjoying it. I was a fan of The Martian (especially the movie. YES I LIKE THE MOVIE BETTER), and this is reminiscent of it because it’s also super fun and there’s also a lot of science. However, the science-y bits are really entertaining and not as overpowering as with Weir’s first book, and they add so much to the story. I am only 20 percent of the way into it, but if those 20 percent are any testament to the whole book, I am sure I’ll love it. (I probably jinxed it now).

So that’s a quick little update for you! Let me know if you’ve read the books I mentioned and what you’re currently reading. I’d love to know!


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11 thoughts on “Currently Reading

  1. I loved the book of The Martian better! ๐Ÿ˜›
    Artemis sounds great and since I loved The Martian (even the science-y bits), I think I’ll enjoy it too! I hope you’ll love the rest of it and also love The Way of Kings! I’ve never heard of The Way of Kings before but I don’t think I’ll enjoy it if it’s slow. I always struggle with slow fantasy books with a lot of world building.

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