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Top 5: Male Characters

Let’s talk some more top 5 favorites!

As you know, I have a whole section on the blog about my Top 5 in different categories. Last time, I spoke about my favorite female characters, so naturally, today we’re talking about my Top 5 favorite male characters (in no particular order, because that’s too hard)! Let’s get to it! As always, if you click on the image, it takes you to the artists’ website!

1. Ronan Lynch (The Raven Cycle) 


Even though this isn’t ordered, this is definitely my favorite character of all time. I can’t explain to you exactly what I love about Ronan Lynch. He is beyond well written and nuanced, so it’s difficult to pin point a specific thing I like. I love everything. Maybe it’s his anger at himself projected outwards, maybe it’s his dreaming, or his relationship with his brothers, or with Adam, or the fact that he wants to be a FREAKING farmer. It’s all of those things. You should read TRC, if not for anything else, then for him and be HYPED for the Ronan trilogy we’re getting. I know I am.

2. Sazed (The Mistborn Trilogy)

I do not have the words to explain why I love Sazed so much. Such gentle. Much wise. Wow ;-;Fifth Mistborn portrait down~! Previous portraits can be found here: Kelsier | Allrianne | Breeze | Elend

I LOVE SAZED. He is such a wonderful character. He is a scholar, who is incredibly smart and thoughtful, but who is also very real and has doubts about himself, his faith, his path in life. He is also so GENTLE. I loved his relationship with Vin in the books, which was so well done, and I loved him even more with Tindwyl’s appearance and him falling in love and what not. I think he was one of the best written characters of the Mistborn trilogy.

3. Locke Lamora (The Gentlemen Bastards Sequence)

“ Thorn of Camorr, Locke Lamora” I finished this a few days ago and ended up hating it with a fiery passion. Today I tweaked it a bit and now I guess I’m ok with it. Not exactly the way I imagined Locke but aaaanyway. Go read The Lies of Locke...

The Lies of Locke Lamora is one of my favorite books. Locke is a brilliant mastermind. He is a thief and a bloody good one at that. He’s incredibly loyal to his friends. That’s probably my favorite thing about him. There’s real love and support in his squad and I really appreciate that. Beyond all that, he’s just so funny. He is quick witted, and sassy and so resilient. I adore him so much.

4. Percy Jackson (The Percy Jackson Series)


One of the first books that got me into the online bookish community and it was mostly due to Percy’s character. He is really funny and has a sort of humor to him that I really enjoy. He is very sarcastic and self-deprecating and his voice is so real and honest in the books, so you can’t help but love him. He is also a really laid back character, which I enjoy a lot.

5. Gansey (The Raven Cycle)

flower king Dick the ThirdRonan • Adam

Even though Ronan’s my favorite in TRC, Gansey is the character I relate to the most, not just in TRC, but in general. The dealings with privilege, the mother hen moments, the need to prove oneself, the constant feeling of wanting more, it’s all something I relate to a lot and I just love how Gansey is written. I absolutely love him.

So those are my favorite male characters! Let me know if any of these are your faves, and also, be sure to let me know who ARE your favorite male characters. And if you have any requests for Top 5, let me know!




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9 thoughts on “Top 5: Male Characters

  1. Well for once I haven’t read a single of thos books and.. I’m shocked LOL. Now a question for you: how did you contact the artists to use the pictures. They are so pretty! I have a huge problem when reviewing YA especially fantasy as I love illustrating reviews with pictures or art but I never find anything really good on Pixabay or Pexels or… Don’t misunderstand me these sites have gorgeous pictures and I use them profusely but I think deviantart or fanart (so more drawing and painting) is better suited when it comes to fantasy. So I’m curious to know all your secrets LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t contact them, because I follow all of them on Tumblr, so they share their art there, so it’s okay to use it as long as you credit them, and link back to their site. Lots of them have like “please credit if you use” so I always make sure I provide the link to their site 😊

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