Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers

‘Tis the season. 

If you have someone in your life who really loves books, but you are stumped about what to get them – fear no more. I have compiled a list of GORGEOUS books that I think would make the perfect gifts. These are some really beautiful books that are sure to satisfy anyone who appreciates and loves books and who is a collector and appreciates both the look of a book and what’s inside!

1. Special Editions

Special editions are always a good way to go. If a person loves a certain books, they are sure to love that book in a special edition. That way they can display it on their shelves and get asked repeatedly about them, and then they can proceed to fangirl about them. Plus, those editions can be rather pricey, so getting it as a gift for someone can be really amazing. I’ve chosen some that I think are really nice, but you can always tailor it to the person you are gifting to.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Vintage Classics Austen Series

Penguin Drop Caps


The Tolkien Treasury

2. Coffee Table Books

I love really gorgeous coffee table books but I can’t always justify buying them, since they can be pricey. Which is why I love adding them to my wishlist, so other people can get them for me and I’ll feel less guilty about it. And the great thing about them is they can be on any topic that you can imagine, so you can fit them to the person you’re gifting to! I’ve chosen a couple that I would love to receive.

Nature Morte : Contemporary artists reinvigorate the Still-Life tradition

Urban Botanics

The World Atlas of Coffee

Strong is the New Pretty

The Illustrated Dust Jacket

3. Stationery 

I am not a huge stationery buff, and I don’t get obsessed over it, but I do enjoy writing in a nice notebook, especially if it’s related to something I love. So I think that fandom notebooks and stationery bits are really fun to get and give so I’ve chosen a couple that I think are really cool and some that I already have and love.

Hogwarts Deluxe Stationery Set

Outlander Journal

Ravenclaw Journal (other houses available)

Supernatural Journal

House Stark Journal (others available)

4. Graphic Novels 

I think graphic novels or comics can be an amazing gifts. I love them and I love getting them and I think getting those omnibus editions that are hardcover and special can be a really wonderful gift for someone who enjoys comics and graphic novels. Or if you personally enjoy them and want to “convert” your friends to them, this can be a wonderful opportunity. Here are some of my favorites, some of which come in those pretty giftable editions!

Saga: Book 1

The Wicked + The Divine: Book 1

Giant Days

Sweet Tooth

The Complete Maus

5. Non Fiction Books

I hardly ever buy non fiction books for myself because I never know what to gift or where to start. But whenever a friend gets me a non fiction book, I end up really loving it and end up enjoying the experience. I think non fiction books can also be great for starting discussions or conversations, so I think it would be amazing to get a non fiction book for your friends (or family) and for yourself and organize a mini book club. I’ve included some of my favorites and ones I think would be an enjoyable for a lot of people.


Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

Born a Crime

Another Day in the Death of America

Spineless: The Science of Jellyfish and the Art of Growing a Backbone

6. Book(ish) Subscription Boxes

These are my favorite things ever, and whenever I have money to spare (rarely, but still) I get a one off box for myself. You can get ones that focus solely on books, that include books and trinkets, or just one that focuses on trinkets. There are so many of these out there that you’re sure to find something for everyone. And if you get them a year long subscription, I am pretty sure they’ll love you forever. I have a post all about book subscriptions, but I’ve also put together a list of some that aren’t mentioned there but I currently want to get!

Nerdy Post (not strictly books, but very cool)

Page Habit

Shelflove Crate

That’s it for this bookish holiday gift guide! Let me know if you’ve enjoyed this post and leave any recommendations for gifts in the comments!


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9 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers

  1. I’d love to get the complete set of penguin drop caps! And the Harry Potter House book Set. they’re so gorgeous and I’ve been telling my father that I’ll make sure that my wedding gift would be all books. #mymom would probably flip out lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh having a complete set would be amazing! I have the Ravenclaw Harry Potter, and I want to get the rest, but I just can’t justify buying all of them. Haha books as wedding gifts would be amazing, wish people actually did that!


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