2017: A Reading Year in Review.


What a mediocre reading year. 

Well, 2017 wasn’t that great and I am personally glad to see it go. Bye-bye. It was also a reading year that was unlike any other. There were so very few books that I loved this year. I usually have trouble putting only 10 books on my favorites list. This year I struggled to find 10 books to put on that list (that’s coming soon!). And the fact that annoys me the most is that I didn’t love a lot of books, but I didn’t hate any either. A lot of just okayish stuff, which personally for me is the worst. I am putting this out now, since I won’t read anything for these last couple of days, because I won’t have time, so this is all for this year. Here’s for a better one next year!

Let’s talk stats! 


So I finished 100 things in 2017! That’s the most I’ve read in a single year, so I am pretty pleased about that! I have read a ton this year, and I felt like I prioritized reading over some other stuff, which I didn’t always do, so that’s great!
As for the shortest book I read, it’s a short story about Melania Trump, and it was okay. I liked it fine, but it didn’t really impress me.
You’re all aware of what the longest book I read was, because it basically took up all of my summer. And it was a tiring experience and one I struggled through a bit. But I did it! I reviewed the book here, if you’re interested in more of my thoughts.

And almost 29, 000 pages! Super fun to see that. It’s such a huge number when you think about it, but actually I mostly read shorter books this year, which is why I probably managed to get to a number of 100. I prefer longer fiction, so maybe the key to more books I love is getting back to bigger books. We’ll see!

most and least popular

As you can see, my average length is just shy of 300 pages, and would have been even less if it weren’t for The Way of Kings. And I loved seeing this most and least popular book thing! Big Little Lies is on that favorites list, and I picked it up because it was so well loved. Deservedly so, as it turns out. As for The Lighthouse Keeper, it’s a short story and I didn’t like it and I already forgot what it’s about.

My Average Rating for 2017: 3.4 stars 

That sounds pretty accurate. Like I sad it was a really mediocre and unexciting reading year, save a few gems. 3 star books are the worst for me, because they’re neither here nor there, so I hope 2018 is way better reading wise.

Rating Breakdown

17 books (17 %)

35 books (35 %)

26 books (26 %)

15 books (15 %) 

5 books (5%)

I never give one star reviews and I gave FIVE this year. And even though most of my books (still only 35 percent) are 4 star reads there’s just a ton of short stories and graphic novels there which are for that medium great, but otherwise they don’t impress me much. Same for five star reviews (and a lot of those are rereads).

Final verdict for the year: 3 boring stars

Anyways, I’d love to hear from you! Let’s reflect on this year’s reading in the comments. Let me know anything that comes to mind!


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12 thoughts on “2017: A Reading Year in Review.

  1. Ah, man, I had a mediocre reading year, only because I didn’t read much??? But I had a lot of great books and authors that I fell in love with this year, and I didn’t even have that many books that I hated this year, which I think is good! I think my highest start ratings were 3 and 4 stars, so not too shabby, I suppose! 😀

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