2018 Reading Goals

Goals? Decisions? Slightly More Structured Thoughts? Which ever. 

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you know I am not the planning type. I don’t make TBRs because I don’t ever stick to them, and I don’t plan out my reading in any sort of way. However, there are three things I have my mind set on for 2018 and I am gonna talk about it today.

Reread ALL the Books

This is true for a lot of people, but before Goodreads, and Booktube and blogging, I used to reread books all the time. I would finish a book and start rereading it immediately. Most of my reading has consisted of rereads. Nowadays, I only reread Harry Potter, and that I only manage only two or three of them a year. No more! This year I am gonna reread a bunch of all favorites and if that means I don’t read anything new, that’s fine. I really want to revisit things like Percy Jackson and A Little Life and His Dark Materials.  I loved those books so much, so I am hopefully gonna love them again and finally remember the details.

More Diverse Reads

Now, I seek out books that are diverse regularly, but I feel like a stick mostly to books that feature POC or LGBTQ+ characters, and that I could possibly broaden my reading more. I stay clear of mental health issues in books, because I am a psychologist (in a semester I’ll be, that is, yikes) and I tend to really nitpick at those books, and the experience is never good, neither for me nor for the book. But I’d like to find some other stuff to read about, maybe through one of those Diversity Bingo charts and what not. That would be great. Any recs are always appreciated.

Less ARCs

Okay, this is already not going great, since I requested a bunch of ARCs. But this is more about me not reading ARC after ARC, but reading some books I really want to get to in between. It’s about setting priorities and having more breathable room in between reading ARCs. Even though ARCs are books I want to read, it always feel like a bit of a chore, so no more of that.

So those are the three goals I’ve set for myself in 2018! Have you set any? Do you ever? What are you set on? Let me know!


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21 thoughts on “2018 Reading Goals

  1. I set goals both reading and blogging that are realistic and not far-fetched so that I can accomplish them. The only time I set TBR’s is for readathons with reading challenges because it makes things so much easier. I totally get what you’re saying about ARCs too, I’m trying to focus more on backlist books and maybe books as they are released. I’ve only read two ARCs so far this year, and I have looked on NetGalley but nothing has really caught my eye, which is a good thing.


    1. Yeah, I am the same, and even with readathons I rarely end up sticking fully to my TBR. Yeah, I am trying with ARCs and I am definitely requesting less books, but I should be slowing down even more. You’re lucky nothing’s been catching your eye, I find at least 3 books every time I log on 😅


  2. Good goals! I don’t know how you reread books straight away, I have to forget the majority of it before I can read it. I waited 10 years to reread ‘The Color Purple’ 😂 The exception is probably series I love, if a new one is coming out I might reread the previous few to refresh my memory.

    Less ARCs is a goal for me too, and so far I’m doing okay (but we’re only 12 days into the new year so we’ll see). I’ve got my Netgalley books down to 6 which I’m really proud of.

    Do you follow @diversebooksclub on Twitter, they’re really good for covering themes other than POC and LGBTQ. I think this month their theme is fostering & adoption, next month is chronic illness. I tend to dip in and out based on the books chosen but they do recommend lots of books for each theme. They’ve got a GRs group too

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    1. I am totally different, if I love a book, I can reread it instantly, I just haven’t done it in ages, since I always keep reaching for new books.

      That’s a great number for ARCs, I think I am around that number as well, but I have a billion open requests so I am just waiting for 12 of them to be approved at the same time 😂

      OH thank you so much for the recommendation, I’ll definitely check them out, that sounds exactly like what I need! 😊

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  3. Good luck with your reading goals! I’ve deliberately lessened my goals just so there’s less pressure on myself. I think I might try and request some physical ARCs this year because I’ve never done that before, and I have a reading challenge I’m taking part in, but that’s about it 😛 Happy 2018!

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  4. Different people’s reading habits are so interesting to me! I can name on one hand the novels that I’ve re-read. I just don’t do it hardly at all! Other people seem to do it like crazy!
    Good for you, though, lining up what you actually want for 2018 (at least reading wise). Best of luck!

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  5. Honestly, these are some great goals! I, too, need to stop requesting ARCs. Ever since I got on the Blogger List, I’ve received a ton of book requests…now I’m behind on those and NetGalley…which means I’ve had NO time to read books I’ve been EAGER to read. It’s been brutal. I REALLY want to focus on the books I’ve been WANTING to read rather than solely going all out on ARCs and book requests.

    I also want to reread “His Dark Materials”! It’s one of my favourites, and I’m thrilled that Pullman has created a prequel and will create two sequels!! I actually might read “Book of Dust” first and then read the trilogy, just to see if my thoughts change at all. I’m opposite though that I really need to STOP re-reading. I keep re-reading to the point that I never move past books and explore new ones – definitely my 2018 goal.

    Great post love! ❤

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    1. Thank you! It seems it’s a common blogging thing – we have to leave ARCs for a little while 😂 Yes, I love it too, but I remember barely anything at all and I really want to revisit the world.
      That’s so interesting! I actually am a bit afraid that if I start rereading I might never stop 😅

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  6. Ooh, I think my biggest one is probably just reading backlist books! I’ve been doing well so far, and I really think I’ll have my TBR at a low number by the end of this year, so yeah for that (if I keep on track, that is)! 😄 I have never liked re-reading books though. I always want to read something new! I feel like I’m missing out though because everyone seems to do it all the time. 😂

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    1. Yeah, backlist is why I need less ARCs, I never seem to be on track 😁 I love hearing people’s opinions on rereading! I think it’s great to be back in a world you love so much, like I can’t imagine not reading HP or TRC at least once a year 😂

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  7. I’m with you on needing to read more older books in between ARCs! Also I still don’t feel emotionally strong enough to re-read A Little Life (even though I read it a year and a half ago) but I hope to re-read it some day.

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    1. I read it just over two years ago, and I think I am prepared now? 😅 Although, now that you mention it, I was completely emotionally drained after it so maybe I should wait a little while longer… 😄


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