Truthwitch Book Tag (Original)

Look at me go, creating book tags!

I haven’t made a book tag in a while, and I was feeling creative, so I thought I’d make one that was inspired by one of my favorite series – The Witchlands. If you didn’t know, The Witchlands is a series by Susan Dennard, and the first book is called Truthwitch. It’s about two witches and best friends trying to outrun everyone and just build a life for themselves. I mean, it’s brilliant. Also, everyone’s sleeping on it, so we need to spread the word. So here’s a tag inspired by it, to celebrate the new book in the series – Sightwitch, coming out February 13th! Preorder HERE!

If you’re interested, I made two other book tags – one for Gilmore Girls, and one for The Raven Cycle. Now let’s move on to the questions! Oh and you’re more than welcome to use the graphics just be sure to credit me because they take hours to make. Okay here we go!

The Rules Are as Always:

  1. Credit the author (that’s me!)
  2. Credit the person who tagged you
  3. Have Fun
  4. Safe Harbors! 


So I really did not like Safi at first, but she quickly became a character I absolutely love! She is stubborn, and reckless, but ultimately charming. This got me thinking about other characters I did not like at first. The obvious pick here is Adam from The Raven Boys. I hated him (Elise, if you’re reading this, I AM SORRY). He is a really complex character, but I found him annoying in the first and second book. But BOY OH BOY. The third book happened and I now absolutely adore him and still think he is one of the best written characters in YA.


So I have spoken on numerous occasions how much I related to Iseult. Another character I really relate (and so many other people) is definitely Cath from Fangirl. And another big one is Gansey, but I try not to have TRC as an answer to every single question (even though it will probably still happen).


Are we all gonna say Hogwarts to this one? I always do. To switch it up a bit, I really love the world of The Gentleman Bastards series, or The Lies of Locke Lamora. The City of Camorr has a medieval Venice and it’s absolutely brilliant!


I always include a question like this because I can’t help it – I love me some anti heroes. Give me a morally gray character any day. I love a skewed moral compass. You’re all gonna say Kaz probably and I agree. But to change it up I am gonna say Locke Lamora again, because he is really that brilliant. Such a compelling main character. You have to read that series.


I am going with Ron Weasley for this one. He doesn’t get enough credit. People hate on Ron and I don’t get it. I think he always fiercely defended Harry and has been a super great friend to him. The movies kind of ruined him and made him comic relief, but he is still an incredibly loyal friend to Harry.


You know I adore female friendships, so this question had to be included. Plus, this book is about friendship so there’s that. My favorites are definitely Nina and Inej. Great on their own, but even better in their quiet and unassuming friendship.


You knew this was coming right? This book has some great ships hence this question. Any way, I am going with Nina and Matthias for this one, since you all ignore them for Kaz and Inej (which I get, but still). I love their dynamics and they work really well together!


Villains are great. They make the story work and I love them. For this question, I am going with Ruin from Mistborn because it’s the force of nature and the world cannot exist without it, but it’s still evil and wants to destroy? I mean it’s bloody brilliant.


I really love when books have lots of interesting creatures or animals in it. I think it’s super cool. For this one, I am going with Munchee from The Chaos Walking Trilogy who is a TALKING DOG. Yes. You heard me. It’s the greatest thing ever.


So Vaness is the Empress of Marstok, and she is SUPER powerful, and super scary, but also really, really cool. So that’s the vibe we’re going for. I am gonna say Professor McGonagall for this because she is all of those things. Really love her.

And that’s the tag. Now, I checked on Goodreads and only two of my friends read it! So I am tagging the two of you, and you obviously don’t have to do it, I just thought I’d tag someone who’s actually read it:

Melanie @ Mel To the Any 

By Hook or By Book 

As for the rest, I would LOVE if any of you wanted to do this, and I’d be super excited to see your answers. I would also really appreciate sharing this so other people can do it, if you are feeling generous! Thanks for reading!


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36 thoughts on “Truthwitch Book Tag (Original)

    1. (also, just to reiterate, I SUPPORT ADAM GROWING ON YOU he wasn’t my fave in book one either. but he would be my answer for a character you relate to lmao)

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  1. Whoa, most of your answers aligned with what I would’ve picked. Like favorite female friendship being Inej and Nina, or Ron being a great friend to Harry. I mean, I TOTALLY agree that the movies ruined Ron for the sake of comic relief (and gave all his best lines to Hermione btw), so I’m glad you mentioned that. Awesome tag!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. DID SOMEONE SAY TRUTHWITCH??? 😍😍😍 I cannot contain my excitement for this post, because I love the Witchlands Series so much and I’m so happy to have found someone who actually knows about it and likes it too! 😍
    I absolutely love that you created this Tag, the questions are well thought out and I’ll likely do it 🙂 Meanwhile everyone needs to read the Witchlands Series, this shall be our goal 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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