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Chit Chat: Reading Books at the Right Time

Let’s talk about some easy bookish topics.

Chit Chats are discussions I do on some easier, more fun bookish topics. Today we’re talking about reading books at the right time. I always thought that reading a book at the right time in your life is crucial to you loving it. So let’s chat on it, shall we?

the gistI don’t know about you, I am a definite mood reader. I never make TBRs, I never plan ahead, which means I just pick up what feels right at the time. And I find that my mood can definitely swing my enjoyment of the book one way or the other. The text is the same, but I think that regardless of it, the time in our lives when we read the book can affect how we feel about said text. Why is that?

where books happenI think books happen somewhere between the author and the reader. Sure the text is there, but the way you read and interpret the book ultimately decides what the book is for you as a reader. If you’re experiencing a certain emotion or there’s something going on in your life, a book that explores those things might resonate with you in a way that it would not otherwise. Or you can pick up something when you’re not in the right mood and dislike a book that you might have liked in different circumstances.

right timeThere’s always the factor of time. Some books are right for us in our teens, some in our twenties, some in our fifties. There are books I liked when I was younger that I can’t read anymore, and there are books I tried to read when I was younger but couldn’t love them until I was older. We change, we grow, we learn, and so do are reading tastes. Just as there are books for every reader, there are also books for each reader’s period of life. It’s a fascinating thing to me. That I could have adored a book I disliked, or could have disliked a book I adored.

limitThere are of course limitations to this. I think there are certain books that we would have hated or loved no matter when and how we read them. Some books are just bad (I am looking at you Impulse) some are just always good. I think most of these in between books that have had the potential to be worse or better are those 3 star reads. I can totally get how I could have hated a 3 star read at a different point in my life, or how I could have adored it.


Windwitch by Susan Dennard

Related imageI read Windwitch when I was miserable. I had a lot of stuff going on, I was constantly cramming and studying, I didn’t have enough time to read, so I read for 10 minutes at a time. I was just not feeling great. And I did not fully enjoy Windwitch. It was a 3 star read, but ultimately a disappointment when compared to Truthwitch. I am however rereading it now, and enjoying it so much more. I love what it brings to the world and I appreciate the book a lot more this time around.

Image result for along for the rideAlong for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

I ADORE this book. So much. I think I read it when I was the same age of the protagonist, during the summer and I related to the main character A LOT. However, this is just your regular contemporary. My sister always says that this book is painfully average, and I think I would feel the same way if I had read it now as opposed to then. But given the circumstances, this is one of my favorite books of all time and one of the best contemporaries I ever read.

Image result for the bear and the nightingaleThe Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

The most recent example is The Bear and the Nightingale. I loved the concept of this book, but I had trouble getting into it fully. I explain more in my review if you’re interested, but I firmly believe I would have liked this more if I have read it at a different time. If I could have finished this in couple of sittings, instead of just reading a few pages every day, I think this could have easily been a 5 star read. But it wasn’t.

anythingtoshareSo do you have any thoughts on the topic? Do you think there’s a right time to read a book? What are some books that came to you at a right or wrong time? I would love to know!


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25 thoughts on “Chit Chat: Reading Books at the Right Time

  1. Great post – I totally agree with everything you said.

    Funny you should mention The Bear and the Nightingale. I didn’t get into it at all, and yet it sounds like it should be right up my street, and so many people with similar taste to me have loved it. I’m pretty much convinced I read it at the wrong time.

    Another fairly recent example for me is Frankenstein. I read it when I was about 15 and could see its merit but took very little from it and forgot pretty much all the detail. When I reread it last year, I adored it, and could see so much more depth in its themes and ideas.

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    1. Thank you so much! The Bear and the Nightingale was a really weird reading experience for me. I loved the concept but I was never really fully enjoying the book while reading it.
      And yes, this happens to me with classics all the time! I remember reading things for school and not really enjoying them and then rereading and being completely blown away by the book. I have to pick up Frankenstein some time soon!

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  2. Fantastic topic! Ima mood reader too and my enjoyment of a book is sometimes majorly effected by what’s going on in my life. If I’m really happy and excited but read a dark and twisted book – I don’t enjoy it as much. It’s like I can’t relate to the emotions because im so happy. Sounds weird but it’s true. Also time is a factor. If I can’t dedicate a lot of time to read a book (or if I’m distracted) that’s in depth and detailed, I feel a little lost because I can’t remember the details

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Definitely, when books aren’t in the same “mood” as I am, I tend to dislike them as well. Time is a big factor for me – whenever I have little time and pick up a more serious or like you said detailed book, I always end up not liking it

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  3. I am a mood read too.I just can’t seem to read books when I want to? If I am reading a very look book, I have to make sure that I can afford the time too.Sometimes, I even read according to the seasons.Great post 🙂

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  4. You make such a good point! It’s kind of weird to think about but it’s so true. I had to pick up Harry Potter a couple of different times when I was younger because it just wasn’t the right time. Now it’s my absolute favorite! I have been struggling with the Book Thief. I think it’s because it’s a pretty heavy book and I can’t get in the right mood for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I am so glad you found the right time to read HP, it’s my favorite series of all time. The Book Thief was also really great, so I hope you can manage to read it. It is sort of heavy and dark, so of course it warrants the right mood for it

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  5. I’m a mood reader too, so I also have particularly strong feelings when reading a book at the wrong time. It sucks, but that’s also why I try to re-read books. But on the up side, being a mood reader helps me gauge better when I AM in the right mood or not, so there’s a balance there I guess. 🙂 Great discussion post!

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  6. I, mood reader, love this post. I find that so many things other than the book itself can influence the way you experience a book, not only necessarily whether you enjoy it or not, but also what meaning it has for you.
    Another thing I think changes my reading experience completely when it comes to series is binging the series VS reading the books over a longer time period, reading something else in between.
    It’s really cool but also kind of scary to think that you might miss out on something amazing or not grasp its full meaning just because you’re reading it at the wrong time, but then again it’s one of the many nuances that makes reading fun!

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    1. Ahh yes, you are completely right! So many things shape the way we experience books. And yes, I think I almost always enjoy a series more if I read it back to back instead of reading it with something in between. It’s scary in the same way like the fact that we won’t ever get to read ALL the books we want to 😂 Thank you!

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  7. Great topic! I am SUCH a mood reader – I get in the mood to read a specific book (normally one I don’t own but have seen the first line or paragraph of and am suddenly hooked), and then find it very difficult to read anything else.

    The book I’m currently reading is only 403 pages long (not including endmatter) and it’s taken me weeks! It’s so frustrating because it’s a really good book and I am really enjoying it (it’s so original and refreshing) but my brain won’t let me read for very long.


  8. This is why I’m glad I finally made a “maybe another time” shelf on my Goodreads. I used to just put all the books I abandoned on my DNF shelf and forget about them. I first tried to read The Road right after I gave birth, which was a bad idea. It ended up being one of my favorite books later.

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  9. You are once more spot on. I am a moody reader. I often have problems with ARCs if I don’t read them with the right mindset. That’s why I try not to overdo ARCs and have other reads as well. This way I can move my ARCs around and read them when the time is good. Now about the experience being between you and the author yes that’s true. Some books will have personal triggers that won’t affect other readers but have me deeply moved or angry.

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  10. I absolutely agree! I’m a mood reader too, so being in the right or wrong mood for a book makes an impact, but I definitely think reading the book at the right time in my life has an impact too. It’s not necessarily even because of experiences (though it can be), but it also has to do with how my reading taste is constantly changing, maybe not drastically, but in little ways. For example, this year I’ve read a couple books that I recall seeing on NG and I considered requesting, but I wasn’t really sure. When I eventually read them, I ended up loving them, so I was like, darn, I should’ve just requested! Except I’m glad I waited because they’re both books that I don’t think I would’ve loved until recently.

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