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10 Reasons to Read Sightwitch by Susan Dennard

Related imageLet’s mix it up, shall we? 

I thought I’d do a bit of a different review this time for a couple of reasons. First, this is a prequel novella in a series I love, but since it’s a novella AND a prequel, it’s kinda short, and offers a lot of back story and thus it’s kind of a difficult one to review. Plus, this series doesn’t get enough love and not a lot of you have read it, and I feel like this might be more interesting for the people that still haven’t read it. So without further ado, here’s my 10 reasons to read Sightwitch!

gorgeousThis books is just beautiful. It has a gorgeous cover, and it has maps, illustrations, notes and all sorts of cool stuff in it. It’s a beautifully edited and published book and it’s just pretty to look at.

enhanceThis is written in the form of a diary, and like I said, it has all sorts of additional stuff in it. Maps, Sightwitch oaths, drawings. This really adds a lot to the story, and makes for a really immersive reading experience. I was hooked from the beginning, and could not wait to see more of those bits and bobs

backstoryI am a big fanatic when it comes to Fantasy. I think the best part of Fantasy is the world building and getting to know the history and the foundation of the world. You get that from this book. You get a lot of back story, both for the world itself and also for some of the characters, which is great.

hintsThis ties into the previous one, but if you read this carefully you’ll get a ton of hints for books to come, especially Bloodwitch. So many hidden gems in this one that make it all that more worthwhile to read. You can geek out like me, or just enjoy like a normal person. Whatever suits you.

ryberI really enjoyed Ryber as a character in previous books, and I liked that we got this whole story from her POV. She is a really cool character, with a different witchery than we’ve seen so far, so I think it’s definitely interesting to explore her story as well.

kullenKullen was one of my favorite side characters in previous books, and I am soooo glad he appears in this one. He is very goofy and lanky, with a scary smile, but he is so awesome. I really enjoy his character, and I think him and Ryber have great chemistry (Susan Dennard is really good at writing chemistry).

twostoriesThis book has two stories in it. They’re both exciting and they’re both intriguing, even though they are thousands of years apart. And they’re also connected in a really great and clever way. So you get two great Sightwitch stories in one. A bargain, really.

plotNow, you know I like my character driven stories, but this was very plot focused which I for one enjoyed. Just because the plot is what actually builds the world and adds to the ethos of the story. And it was a pretty exciting and engaging plot.

birdI think birds are creepy. Don’t like them at all. But one of my favorite books of all time is very focused on birds (ravens to be exact) and there’s a somewhat sentient bird in there as well (yes I am talking about The Dream Thieves and The Raven Cycle in general). So I am partial to ravens in books. There’s one here as well.

bloodwitchI thought this would be shorter or just less substantial, but it isn’t. It’s a great addition to the series, and while it’s not required reading – I highly suggest you read it. It really enhances the whole experience of the series. Plus, it will hold you over until Bloodwitch because we hate waiting.

So those are my 10 reasons to read Sightwitch! Let me know how you liked this one if you have read it, and if not, let me know how you like reviews in this style! And please pick up Truthwitch already.


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14 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Read Sightwitch by Susan Dennard

  1. That’s such a great and well written Review! 🙂 I just finished reading Sightwitch last night and I TOTALLY LOVED IT 😍😍😍😍 The format was amazing with all the illustrations, it really added to the story and made this such a fun read! I also loved Ryber, she immediately managed to worm her way into my heart ♥ I was also all here for the hints for Bloodwitch, which makes me want to reread all three books and notice the small details, as there is enough time to do so before the next book comes out 🙂

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