What’s Your Tropetonite? or Some Book Tropes I Love

Is that the most ridiculous word ever? Probably. 

You might have clicked this post and thought – what the hell is tropetonite? Well obviously it’s your trope kryptonite! It’s those tropes that make you weak and will be your undoing. They strip you of your powers. But you still love them! A

OH and don’t forget – I AM HOSTING A GIVEAWAY

hatetoloveThis is a fairly overused trope, but I don’t care. At all. I love it, and I eat it up every single time. That trope can make a book that I don’t like at all bareable or even enjoyable. I can usually ignore everything else in a book as long as you can give me a convincing hate to love romance. Meaning, I lose all critical thinking if this trope is involved and done well. Yay!

I don’t know why exactly that is. I get really invested in relationships in books. I am highly dependent on characters in books, meaning I am way more character driven than plot driven books kind of person. So I think that character interactions really make a book for me, and there’s something about two people going from wanting to rip each other apart to being in love that works on me.

smalltownThis is a trope that can be seen often either in contemporaries or thrillers, and you gotta love a trope that spans genres. I love the concept of someone having to go back to their small town or having to spend a summer in a boring, old small town. It’s mostly do to the fact that I am obsessed with small towns, but also due to the fact that you can really focus on characters and their interactions and relationships in small town. I love it! And someone being annoyed by being constricted to a small town but they end up loving it and making friends and what not – it gets me every time!

kazbrekkerI love when we have these supposedly ruthless, dark characters, who love to hold up the pretense of not caring and being heartless, but who would actually die for their friends. Like the titular character, Kaz. I just love the whole I don’t care attitude when they actually do care. A lot. It gets me every time.

badheroesGotta love a layered character. I am really into morally grey characters – both in villains and in heroes. I love when a hero does a really bad thing, that they have to fix and apologize and work on. And I also LOVE when villains do something kind or when they end up not so bad (well, not so bad in a specific situation). It’s the best! Make all characters like this! Make them all complex!

powerI love this trope so much. Characters who are all powerful and are just meh about it. Like yes, I am super powerful, but I am kind of over it. I just love seeing that. There’s something about a character being highly aware of their capabilities and knowing to what extent their powers go, but then just being chill about it. Never get tired of that.

And those are my five tropes! I would love to hear from you – what’s a trope you love? That will be your undoing? Let me know!


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24 thoughts on “What’s Your Tropetonite? or Some Book Tropes I Love

  1. I am one of those rare bookworms who pretty much loves all tropes. Everyone is always talking about how they hate this trope or that trope and I’m like oh I love that. Like I love love triangles and most people hate them.

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  2. I love stories set in small towns so I would definitely be all over a book if it had the “have to return to small town” trope! I also like my stories to be character-driven so I love looking at a place or event through the eyes of different characters and it just gives a really nice feel to the story. However, the problem is that I will get mad if one character doesn’t have an equal share in the story.

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  3. OMG YOU PERFECT PERSON, this post is everything I need in my life. SLDKJDSAL The kaz brekker trope I’m dying of joy?????? HATE TO LOVE (my reason for living).
    also I have a book rec for you…”Foxhole court” by Nora Sakavic because is has all of these tropes and you would love it i promiseeeeee ❤ ❤

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    1. OMG, you are always too nice 😭 💕 Hate to love is my reason of living as well lol! SO confession time: I read The Foxhole Court and I didn’t like it… BUT I think I just wasn’t in the mood, because it has ALL the things I love??? I don’t understand to this day how I did not like it, I have to reread it

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      1. WHAT OMG NNOOOO. that’s okay, i’m crying but it’s okay, did you read the entire series? if not, you must read the entire series, they just get better as you go c:

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  4. I’m a sucker for witty banters and sarcastic remarks *sigh* nothing gives my bookworm heart more joy.

    I love the whole small town with creepy things going on trope. They’re always so much fun! And even if I know what’s happening, I love pretending I’m surprised hehehe

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  5. I also love antihero tropes and love to hate romances (redemption is so cathartic!), and I definitely second the powerful characters who are just meh about their abilities; it brings a dry touch of wit to their personalities, and as I’m not a huge fan of drama, an extra layer of “chillness” just jives well with me in general. 😉 Terrific list!

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  6. Yesss, I love when a villain goes from bad to good – makes the best character arc! Hahaha, yes I’m super powerful.. meh. I love that too! I love allllll these tropes.

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  7. I LOVE the term Tropetonite, it’s amazing 😀 I really love Hate-to-Love Romances when they are done well, I can never really resist them 😁
    AND omg The Kaz Brekker Trope xD I love morally grey, darker characters who pretend they don’t care bit actually do IT’S MY WEAKNESS 😮 (even though I have to say here that I haven’t read Six of Crows yet)

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