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The Witchlands Playlist

I finally did it.

I’ve been saying that I am going to make a Truthwitch inspired playlist for ages. I have previously done playlists for The Raven Cycle and Six of Crows and I generally love matching up music and my favorite books. So it was due time I made one for one of my faves, The Witchlands series! I generally tend to match songs with characters or ships, and general themes, so that’s what this playlist is. Here’s the playlist first (and here’s the Spotify playlist, so you can listen along), and then I’ll break it down for you:

1. Do it RightAnne-Marie
2. To the Hilt Banks
3. DrowningBanks
4. Begging for ThreadBanks
5. Sky Full of SongFlorence + the Machine
6. No Light, No LightFlorence + the Machine
7. AntichristThe 1975
8. In NeedGert Taberner
9. LovesickBanks
10. Control Halsey
11. Crowded PlacesBanks
12. What’s It Gonna Be?Shura
13. Love Me NowJohn Legend
14. Shake It OutFlorence + the Machine
15. She Wants to KnowHalf Moon Run
16. Take Me to ChurchHozier
17. I Know a PlaceMUNA
18. Around UMUNA

So as you can see there’s a lot of Florence and a lot of Banks. I think Florence + the Machine‘s music matches the series perfectly, it has just the right tone. And all of the Banks song in this playlist are Aeduan + Iseult songs. Banks is real angsty, and so are they. I don’t make the rules. Like To the Hilt is such a ship song for them. In Need by Gert Taberner is a song you probably haven’t heard before, but it’s fantastic and it’s another Aeduan + Iseult song. Antichrist by The 1975 is my go to antihero song and it matches Aeduan PERFECTLY. Halsey’s Control is SUCH an Iseult song. You know how she’s always saying Stasis? Yup. And it’s also my Ronan song. Coincidence? Definitely. Because it isn’t (that’s a Raven Cycle reference for you).
And then What’s it Gonna Be? and Love Me Now are my Safi and Merik songs. Just listen to them and you’ll see. She Wants to Know is a definite Safi song. Take Me to Church is Aeduan’s song for Iseult and you can’t convince me otherwise. Just wait for the last book in the series and you’ll see. And finally, the last two songs are both MUNA songs, and they’re both for Safi and Iseult’s friendship. As is the first one, Do It Right. Like the lyrics If we’re gonna do it, do it right. If it’s me and you, we’ve got a fight are so good for them. And I know that’s not what the song means, but still. So it’s a full circle for their friendship, get it? SYMBOLISM.

And that’s it! I promise all of these are fantastic songs. You’re going to love them. Let me know if you have a specific playlist or song you associate with a book, I’d love to know!


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