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The Minis: More Romance

MINISGRAPHICI have once again turned to Romance.

I go through these periods of binging romance books, and a period like that has just happened. I can’t read Romance all the time, I get tired of it fairly quickly, but once I get on a roll, that’s basically the only thing I do read. So here’s a couple of romance books I read recently and my brief thoughts on them.

1. Melt For You by J.T. Geissinger

I wrote about my love for the first book in this series, Burn For You, in my last Minis post (check it out here). However, this one did not quite meet the expectations. The main thing that bothered me is that this is full of tropes. There’s too many to keep track off. Plus, I find them too be rather stale ones. Firstly, our hero is a Scotsman, then he’s a celebrity athlete, on top of that there’s that whole annoying neighbor trope… It was just a lot, and none of these tropes work that well for me, so this book was a tad underwhelming. I did like the chemistry between the characters and they had really good banter, so that redeemed the book in my eyes.

Final verdict: 3 stars

2. Arrogant Devil by R.S. Grey

I really enjoy R.S. Grey’s novels, and I think I’ve read the majority of them now. This one wasn’t my favorite ever, but it was pretty good. She nails the slow burn romance, and moreover, I think she managed to make a broody, hard-edged hero trope far less annoying and actually endearing. I always love her heroines, I think they’re always charming and smart and stand on their own feet, and Meredith was no different. She’s spunky and determined and I really liked her as a protagonist. Plus, there’s a cowboy fantasy in there, and a really cute dog. Basically, the whole package.

Final verdict: 4 stars

3. Wrong to Need You by Alisha Rai

This is the second book in Alisha Rai’s Forbidden Hearts series. I loved the first one (and reviewed it in my last Minis post), but this one just did not live up to it. I loved the characters as individuals, but I did not feel anything for their romance or their chemistry. I had a really hard time with the fact that the romance is between a widow and her late husband’s brother. Moreover, I just did not feel like we’ve spent enough time with the characters together to really get a feel of the relationship and of them as a couple. Other than that, Alisha Rai’s books remain really well written, and also really diverse (I think both characters our POCs and our female lead is bisexual). So I highly recommend her novels, this one just wasn’t a favorite.

Final verdict: 2.5 stars

4. Filthy Gods by R. Scarlett

I saw a review from my lovely friend Melanie of this book, and I instantly went to Amazon and one-click bought this book. And it didn’t disappoint. This is a novella and it’s a prelude to R. Scarlett’s upcoming series. It’s set at a country club and it revolves around two Yale students who have been at each other’s throats since the beginning. And it was great. Chock full of tropes I always fall for (hate-to-love, secrets, etc.), so I was bound to like it. I do wish this was longer and it had more build up and exposition. I know that this is a novella, and there wasn’t a lot of room for that, but it’s a personal preference of mine, which undermines my enjoyment of a book. Definitely do recommend this one, and I can’t wait for the actual series. I was slightly traumatized by the fact that the characters in this NEW ADULT book are YOUNGER than me, but I’ll try and get over that.

Final verdict: 3.5 stars

And those are my most recent Romance novel reads! Any ones that you’ve loved and would like to recommend? Bonus points if they’re diverse!


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5 thoughts on “The Minis: More Romance

  1. I’m not even just saying this – I WAS INTERESTED IN EVERY BOOK ON HERE! Also, my heart is still so happy you enjoyed R Scarlet’s book! The need I’m feeling for the first full length? Lord, help me! Also, I’ve never read anything by RS Grey (I know, what’s wrong with me?) so now I want to start with this! Happy reading, love! 💖xx

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