Discussion: How Has My Reading Changed in 2018

We are getting to all of those end of the year posts and I am excited. 

I truly am excited for all of the reading stats, wrap-ups, gift guides, reading plans for next year – I want it all. Anyways, it’s time to reflect on how my reading has changed this year. I have written numerous posts on how the bookish community and fandom had changed my reading, but this is more of a personal post, meaning my reading has changed because of me, not anyone else. And it definitely affected how my reading stats look this year, so it will give you context for when my stats posts start rolling in.

The Root of It All 

First of all, I had a pretty stressful year. 2018 was super busy and I don’t cope well with busy. I get stressed and I feel like me being stressed doesn’t really reflect anywhere else in my life, so I channel the stress into reading. It sounds weird but hear me out.

When I am stressed, I want to read two kinds of books. I want either easy books, meaning I want something that makes me feel good, and has a happy ending OR I want something quick.
I don’t know about you, but I get pretty down when I am not reading as much as I want to. If it takes me two weeks to finish a book, I get really bummed out. Which is ridiculous and silly, but I feel really dragged down when I am constantly just reading one book.

And when I am stressed, reading books takes ages, unless they are the kind of reads I mentioned. So this really controlled the way I read this year and led to these changes.

So in 2019: Don’t get stressed. JK not how life works, but imagine if it did…

Two Genres

So basically, my two biggest genres this year have been YA Fantasy and Romance. And I have read very few Literary Fiction and General fiction books. Which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but for me it has been detrimental. My top rated books are always Adult Fantasy or Literary Fiction and I just haven’t been reading those books enough. I have been enjoying reading more Romance though, and I will be making a separate end of the year list for those!

So in 2019: More Adult Fantasy and MORE Literary/General Fiction. A more balanced reading is needed. But also all the Romance.

Meh Reading Year

And just generally, I feel like my reading took a sort of sad turn this year. I kept reading either meh books and then books I just plain did not enjoy. I get caught up in the hype and then nothing really turns out as good as I’ve hyped it up in my head. And this has mostly been true for YA. I get easily swept up in YA hype, but that hype fails me more often than it does not.

So in 2019: Don’t get caught up in the hype. Just read books that generally appeal to your reading taste.


And ARCs. Oh how I hate and love them. The issue with ARCs is that I am really excited about them when I request them but when I finally get around to them, it just feels like a chore. SO that’s a big part of the unimpressive reading year.

So in 2019: Less ARCs! Please hold me accountable. Don’t let me request any.

And that’s a rambly post on my feelings on my reading changing this year. I would love to hear from you – how has your reading changed this year? Let me know in the comments or even make your own posts and tag me so I can see it!


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23 thoughts on “Discussion: How Has My Reading Changed in 2018

  1. I relate to your ARC opinion in my very soullllllll ❤ I don't think I've ever read an ARC and thought "this is one of my new favorite books" and idk why, i think it's because like you said, there is more pressure?? omg except for Darius The Great is Not Okay (he is the giant exception to this and all rules skdf)

    i'm going to be so emotional wrapping up this year bc I've literally discovered all of my favorites (bloggers & books) &&& *blinks back tears*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, those kinds of ARCs are so rare for me too! And I keep thinking that if I haven’t read that book as an ARC, I might have loved it, which sucksss. I need to read Darius already 😭 that so awesome that you had a great year 💜

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I totally relate to you with the ARC thing. I get super jazzed when I request them but by the time they get approved, I’m just like oh. I request certain genres and sometimes I’m not in the mood for those genres.
    I hope 2019 is super amazing for you and excellent post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cutting back on ARCs was really helpful for me in the past year. It’s a good strategy, I think…you’ll appreciate the ones you really want more and having a more manageable schedule of them means you’re never rushing to read something you’re not in the mood for just to review it. It was also a super stressful year for me too, sorry to hear it was the same for you 😦 I hate how that affects reading too but it just feels unavoidable 😔 here’s hoping next year is better for us in that regard!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I think I will definitely be more aware of how many ARCs I request, and hopefully I will have the same experience as you. That sucks to hear, sorry it was stressful for you too. Yes, here’s to a better and stress free 2019 for both of us! xx

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  4. Great list! I’m with you on ARCs. There’s one or two authors that I’ve already agreed to read ARCs for, but I enjoy the novels in the series greatly so I’m not concerned.

    My reading year was also meh, but more in number.

    Haha!! Romance/realistic fiction was high up on the genre list for me too!! Fantasy fell back a bit but I do enjoy the urban fantasy novels a lot!

    Great 2019 goals! I posted something similar in my wrap up but I think I want to make a 2019 goals post.

    P.S. … I’m gonna keep an eye out on those ARC review posts love! 😉💙

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  5. I relate to your ARC opinions sooooooo much! I’m always excited about them when I first request them, but somehow so many get left unread and I end up feeling like a terrible person. I think because I have them for so long before they come out, I get into this headspace that oh, I can read this any time, so why not just wait, but then I lose interest in them once it’s time to read them. I think I should either schedule my ARC reading or read them when I first get them and am excited about them even if it’s super early before they come out.

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  6. I need to get on that stress thing.2018 has not been good for me in that matter and my anxiety kind of skyrocketed at times.
    I need to read a lot of YA because this year I am pretty sure that I read very less YA and more adult books.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. YES we absolutely should. I was thinking of making a post with some backlist books I already own that I’m excited to get to in 2019, maybe that will be a good place to start for accountability.

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