Favorite New Authors I Discovered in 2018

All the end of the year posts are here and I am excited. 

Hi everyone, I hope life is going great for you because for me it’s stress abundance. I am coping with chocolate and relistening to Palo Alto by Years & Years. Highly recommended.

Sidenote: I was getting tired of the graphics I was using and wanted to switch up only to realize I am still in love with my old ones – so join me in welcoming them back! Old and improved. I love them! 

Anyways, I am here today to talk to you about some new favorite authors I discovered this year. It’s been a crappy reading year as I said on multiple occasions, but it also made the good books really stand out. I have a feeling that these authors are going to become faves (some of them already are) and I am super excited to get to more of their work in the upcoming year! Let’s get into it!


My undying love for Emma Mills and her books has been made clear throughout this year. I really appreciate her writing deeply. I got Foolish Hearts in my Owlcrate and I picked it up on a whim and just fell immediately in love. It’s the perfect depiction of teenagers that actually takes them seriously, while also being really good at portraying friendships and relationships in a really heartwarming and realistic way. I adore her characters so much, and I saw so much of my teenage self in them. And her books are just goddamn adorable. I cannot recommend them more. I have a joint review of all of her books HERE. Now I am gonna go cry about her next book being out super soon!


I read The Bear and the Nightingale at the beginning of the year and fell in love with Arden’s storytelling. She is such a good writer and she brings such whimsy and atmosphere to her stories while also managing to perfectly convey the darkness and gravity of her stories. The Bear and the Nightingale is full of Slavic folklore and fairytales, and Arden is really good at interweaving those elements into the story, while making them entirely her own at the same time. I also feel like she’s really good at portraying the time period realistically. Plus Vasya (the main character) is a queen and I love her. Highly recommend you check Katherine Arden out. If you want to know more about The Bear and the Nightingale, you can do so HERE.


Her Body and Other Parties is probably going to make my end of the year list and it’s all due to the fact that Machado is a fantastic writer. Her writing is gorgeous and really intelligent, and moreover, Machado is really skilled at transferring emotion through text. She does unease really well, to the point where my skin literally crawled with it to sensuality and even fear. She just manages to immerse the reader into the story, even when you don’t really understand the story itself. Even with one story that went over my head, I was still emotionally in it and felt it, because she is just that good. More on it HERE.


I don’t know why I avoided Gaiman for so long. He is one of those writers that is so well loved, you keep thinking he cannot be that good. But he is. I read American Gods and I absolutely loved it. This book is grand in so many ways, and that’s exactly what I love about Gaiman’s writing. He meanders a lot in his storytelling, which is tricky and doesn’t work for everyone, but with Gaiman, I was there for every word. And the story itself is really clever and just the way he pulls all the strings and makes them weave together is something I was seriously impressed with. Cannot wait to read more of his work, but if you want to know more of my thoughts about American Gods, they are HERE.


While Summer Bird Blue wasn’t a perfect book for me, I fell in love with Bowman and her writing. The way she wrote about Rumi’s grief and her music and her sister was just so well done. I love when an author can really make me feel and still think about the book months after I finished it. And Bowman really did that. I also feel like she is really good at handling nuance in relationships and just the way she manages to show the both bad and good aspects of a relationship while not trivializing either of those is really commendable. Highly recommend you check her out, and you should start with my review of Summer Bird Blue HERE.


Sadie is one of my favorite books of the year and I am obsessed with Courtney Summers’ writing. So obsessed. I love how original she is and I love how she writes. Her words literally make my skin crawl, in the best way possible. I think she understands trauma really well and she handles it with care and emotion. Her writing is really raw and really powerful and she brings all that to her characters. The way she handled Sadie’s relationship with Mattie was superb. Sadie defines herself through her sister and I think that that is so heartbreaking and so well done. This book is amazing and so is Courtney. If you want more gushing it can be found HERE.


Again, Little Fires Everywhere is going to be on my end of the year favorites and it’s all due to how much I adore Ng’s writing. She understands people deeply and the way she writes about family and relationships speaks to my very soul. She also handles ALL of her characters with great care and bring so much nuance to her story. I really appreciate authors who write in a nuanced and measured way and she nails that. Her writing is gorgeous and on top of that it’s so real and so relatable. Loved this book and I cannot wait to read her first novel. In the meantime, check out my review of Little Fires Everywhere HERE.


I am in the middle of Kat Howard’s short story collection A Cathedral of Myth and Bone but I already know I appreciate her writing so much. It’s incredibly clever. It handles female agency in a really amazing way and it handles myths and legends in a really unique way. She has this pattern that she explores in all of her stories and I just love the way she does it. Her story Once, Future is probably one of the best things I read this whole year, if not ever. I just have such high opinion of her writing after reading only 4 stories, so I cannot help but include her to the list.

And that’s my almost all female list of new authors I discovered this year and that I am absolutely in love with. I cannot recommend these people’s books more and I literally cannot wait to read more of their work.

I also want to do a post dedicated to my favorite new romance authors, not because they are not good enough to be on this list (they are), is just that there are so many wonderful Romance writers I discovered they deserve a list of their own!

I would love to hear from you – sound off in the comments and tell me some of your new author discoveries of the year! Can’t wait to hear from you!


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27 thoughts on “Favorite New Authors I Discovered in 2018

  1. I love these kind of posts where you show your love for new authors! I agree with you on Sadie she is today on my Favorite contemporaries of 2018 post!

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  2. I discovered Emma Mills last year and it was love at first read. She writes my kind of contemporaries. I read my first and second Bowman book this year. Both were great. Summers really impressed me this year too. I really want to check out her backlist.

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  3. Wonderful post!! I read Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills a few months ago, and fell in love with her writing too!! I adore Foolish Hearts with all of my heart; it’s such a genuine and simply wonderful book with relatable characters. 💓 And ahhh I’m so glad you liked Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman; I’m so excited to read it! I absolutely loved Bowman’s debut, Starfish; it’s beautifully written and I found the Asian & anxiety rep to be amazing. I also loved Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng, and I can’t wait to read Little Fires Everywhere by her! ☺️

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  4. Akemi Dawn Bowman and Courtney Summers are definitely among my favourite new authors as well! I haven’t read Summer Bird Blue yet but Starfish is absolutely one of my favourite books of all time. It just captured anxiety and abuse so well, while dealing with so many other important topics. I also can’t believe Courtney Summers isn’t more hyped. Sadie is phenomenal and so important??

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  5. I’m pretty sure that I’ll come to adore Arden’s books as well (I read a snippet of her writing, and it was lovely), and I’ve been waiting to read Foolish Hearts ever since your rec! I’ve also heard American Gods surprised a few skeptical readers, so I’m definitely going to get around reading that. 🙂

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  6. This is a lovely list! I discovered Akemi Dawn Bowman with Starfish this year and I loved it so, so much, I can’t wait to read Summer Bird Blue 🙂 I only read First & Then by Emma Mills but really enjoyed it, I can’t wait to read more from her, I’ve heard incredible things about Foolish Hearts 🙂

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  7. Oh, I really need to get into Emma Mills! Her contemporaries seem like ones I’ll really enjoy and I know so many friends who love her. And aahh I love Akemi!! Starfish has such a special place in my heart, as well as Summer Bird Blue 💜💙


  8. i love your choices SO MUCH!!! Emma mills has become one of my all time favourite authors, i will literally read anything she writes at this point! ugh her friendships are so well written and her writing is hilarious.
    im SO GLAD TO SEE COURTNEY SUMMERS ON THIS LIST!! i’ve been a long time fan and when i saw how much popularity she got for sadie i was just SO HAPPY. Celeste Ng has blown me away with little fires everywhere. im so impressed with how she was able to craft that story wow.

    fantastic list!!

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    1. Awe thanks, so glad you share my obsessions! Emma Mills friendships give me life, I cannot wait for her newest release. I am so excited to get to Courtney Summers’ backlist, I have been hearing non stop how good the rest of her books are. And yeah, me too, so I am so excited to pick her debut up soon! Thank you again! 💜

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      1. Neverwhere is brilliant and a bit on the stranger side, like American Gods! If you’re into dark fairytale vibes, Stardust is fantastic as is The Ocean at the End of the Lane (although for some reason, that one gets more mixed reviews). And one of my personal favourites is Coraline, which you could easily knock out in a single sitting! 🙂

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