Bloodwitch is Coming: The Witchlands Readalong

“I guard the light-bringer,
And protect the dark-giver.
I live for the world-starter, 
And die for the shadow-ender.
My blood, I offer freely.
My Threads, I offer wholly.
My eternal soul belongs to no one else.
Claim my Aether.
Guide my blade. 
From now until the end.” 

Hello, friends! It’s finally happening – I am doing a Witchlands readalong. I know I have talked on and on about this series, but it really is that good. This series has everything – magic, sisterhood, intrigue, great characters, romance, incredible world-building… You name it, it’s there! So I am more than excited to finally reread this series and I get to do it with you, so we can prepare for the release of Bloodwitch!


I am doing a Witchlands readalong and all of you should join me! The readalong will happen in January, so I am giving you all a heads up – get the books and then come January, we sail to the Witchlands!

There will be reading sprints, discussions, and a giveaway – one of the people participating will win a copy of Bloodwitch, the newest installment in the series, which comes out February 12th!

In case you did not know, Truthwitch follows Safiya and Iseult, who have been best friends and Threadsisters for years. Safi is a Truthwitch, which means she can discern lies from the truth, which makes her a very rare and powerful weapon that everyone wants. Iseult is a Threadwitch, which means she can see all the different threads that bind and connect people. They are used to getting in trouble, but after a clash with a Guildmaster and a certain Bloodwitch, they are forced to flee their home and our story takes off from there!

The Witchlands series has three books out so far: Truthwitch, Windwitch and a prequel novella, Sightwitch, that is super important for the story and adds so much to the world. So we’ll be reading all three of those throughout January! Here’s the schedule:


The best part is that we have three books and a whole month, so we have a bit of wiggle room to go a bit faster or slower if we so desire.

Now for the fun part! I have a couple of ways to get involved: here’s the Goodreads Group that we’ll be chatting in! There are non-spoiler and spoiler discussions, character threads, shipping theories etc.

We also have a Discord chat! Discord is amazing for this kind of stuff. There are separate channels on which you can discuss certain topics and it’s super fun! It’s more real time than Goodreads and makes for a very lively readalong. You can join the channel and chat in real time with everyone, so we can scream about witchery and magic.

And if you’re discussing online: the hashtag #WitchlandsJanuary is something I’ll be checking out everywhere – Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr… So use it and get involved in the excitement!

And the best part of all of this – one of you lucky people participating in the readalong will win a copy of Bloodwitch! So get involved, share, chat and discuss and you might be set when it comes to the newest book in the series!

And that’s it! All the links and info is above! Sound off in the comments and let me know if you’ll be participating, I would love to see all of you take part in this! See you in the Witchlands!


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12 thoughts on “Bloodwitch is Coming: The Witchlands Readalong

  1. THIS IS WHAT IVE NEEDED!! i read truthwitch some time ago and i really enjoyed it but sadly when i tried to read book 2 i was so lost bc i forgot what happened BUT WITH BOOK 3 COMING OUT I wanted to reread book 1 and catch up on the other books

    i’ll try my best to partake in this readalong!! this is so EXCITING!!

    Liked by 1 person

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