Reading Year in Review: 2018

wrap1I don’t know where the time went. I feel like yesterday it was January and now we are ringing in the year and it’s going to be 2019. It’s so weird. WHAT IS TIME? Anyways, I am here to give you my end of the year wrap up, all my stats and all the fun stuff. I love tracking my reading, it’s something I’ve been doing for ages, and it’s something that gives me a lot of satisfaction. I know not everyone likes getting caught up in the numbers, but I do, and I think this post might be fun. So sit back and let’s take a look at my reading year.

Just for the record: I track my reading using Goodreads and also a spreadsheet created by Brock Roberts from Let’s Read (it’s actually my favorite thing in the world and I cannot wait to see the tweaks he made for 2019 because I am lame). So all of these are from either Goodreads or from my spreadsheet.  First up, the totals:


I am pretty satisfied with this! My reading goal was 75, because I figured I would not have as much time as I wanted to read, but I actually reached my average reading number of 100! And that’s great. My average book length is 310 pages, which is actually on the shorter side for me, but since I did not read as much Fantasy this year as I hoped to, the number is a bit lower. Now to the charts!


This is my genre chart and as you can see – my reading was dominated by two genres – Fantasy and Romance. Now Fantasy isn’t surprising, but Romance is. I started getting into Romance about a year ago, and it definitely shows that my love for the genre has grown. I am really glad I read so many wonderful Romance novels this year (more on that here). However, I am really sad that literary fiction and general fiction aren’t that prominent in my reading. I love Adult Literary Fiction and I am hoping to read more of it in 2019, so I can make amends for this year!

chart (3).png

This is also interesting. Most books I read have been published in 2018, which I did not think was the case. Also, I tend to read only more recent releases and as you can see, I rarely go beyond 2010. Maybe I should try and work on that in 2019.

chart (4).png

This is also interesting – you can see how busy I was. December was super busy and so were March, June and September. And then in February and July I was on vacation, so that’s when I read the most.

chart (5).png

As for author gender, I read predominantly female authors, and I am good with that. The one thing I would love to do is read a book by a non-binary author in 2019, so if you know any, hit me up with recommendations.

chart (6).png

This is also interesting. Most protagonist I read about are female, but also 20 percent of my reads are with two protagonists (and that’s usually Romance novels with both perspectives from the couple).

chart (7).png

This is very surprising. My perception is that I read a lot more YA this year, but it turns out, almost 60 percent of my reads were Adult. One thing I want to work on is reading more Middle Grade – I love it and I never read enough of it.

chart (8).png

This is something I also want to work on. 70 percent of my reads are from US authors and that is something I will hopefully change in 2019.

chart (9).png

As you can see, 70 percent of my reads are diverse reads, and I am glad that’s how it is. I would love to push for more in 2019 and also read more books with disability rep, since this is my least read category. Also, some of these might be own voices (like some books from LGBTQIA or Race might be own-voices, it’s just that I only put own voices when the book itself is marketed as own-voices. It’s a faulty categorization so I will work on that as well.

chart (10).png

And this is how I did with my TBR. Almost 70 percent of the books I read were books I added this year to my TBR, around 23 percent were from my previous TBR and only 9 percent (or 9 books) were re-reads. I need to read more of my backlist and also incorporate more rereads into my reading schedule.

chart (1)

This is also an interesting chart! As you can see, most of my books are ebooks, but it’s interesting that I have the same amount of paperbacks and hardcovers, since I used to swear by paperback copies. However, this year, aesthetics win and I am definitely now someone who prefers hardcovers. And also 25% of my reading is ARCs which is annoying and something I’d like to change. I take on too many ARCs, and one of my goals is going to be to tone down on that. I still don’t like audiobooks but as you can see, I did manage to listen to quite a few (for me, this is a lot).

chart (2)

Also, I read way more digitally than I do physical books. It’s because physical books are tough to come by here and it’s easier for me to just buy an ebook and have it instantly than to go in search of physical copies.

Finally here are some blogging stats:

Followers at the end of the year: 807
Views for 2018: 21.6K
Visitors for 2018: 10.6K 

I hope you enjoyed reading this, because I certainly had fun with it!

Thank you so much for all the love and support throughout the year. I loved every minute of it and it’s all because you guys are so wonderful to me. You have been such an inspiration and made this year one of the most beautiful ones. Thank you so much, I love you all and I hope you all had the most fantastic year and thank you for sticking with me through it! I appreciate it beyond words. Thank you!

All my love,



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19 thoughts on “Reading Year in Review: 2018

  1. I really like a your stats! I might borrow an idea or two for the next year. I did not think of author’s place of origin! 🙂 Many of the others I did too with similar outputs (male vs female authors).
    Hope u have a great reading year next year too.:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Why are pie charts so satisfying? Hahah. I loved them and I hope I read enough in 2019 to make some myself.
    I am surprised you got to read so many e-books. This is definitely something I want to improve myself in the new year. I do not owe a Kindle or any other e-reader, so most of my e-books are read in the Kindle app on my phone. I find it can be quite distracting, with the notifications and social media apps just ~so close~. On top of that, my phone’s battery is seriously damaged, so I can never spend much time reading anyway. I really hope to save enough money in 2019 to buy myself an e-reader, since I find reading e-books faster and also cheaper.
    I hope you have an even better 2019 when it comes to reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pie charts are the best plus I made mine pink so they’re even more awesome 😂 My Kindle is seriously the best purchase I ever made. And it deals with that distraction problem well – no notfications to bug you. Before I got my Kindle I used to read on my phone and it was a pain in the ass so I get it! Thank you so much, I wish you the best year too, reading-wise and in general 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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