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Seriously, Everyone Needs to Get Themselves a Personality: Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

Siege and Storm (Grisha Verse, #2)“When people say impossible, they usually mean improbable.” 

When I decided to reread Shadow and Bone (full review HERE) and continue on with this series, I did not necessarily expect to fall in love with it. But I did hope that it will at least be fun. Or that I would come to understand The Darkling hype. Or that the characters would grow and evolve. Since I love Six of Crows and would die for those characters I could not deal with at least not somewhat enjoying this series too. Sadly, none of those things happened.

Siege and Storm is the second novel in the Grisha trilogy, where Alina and Mal find themselves being stupid again and they go on Sturmhond’s ship and things happen. Seriously, I don’t even know.

hateeveryoneIt’s really hard to enjoy a series when you really dislike the main characters. I truly cannot stand Alina and Mal. I feel like Alina should be interesting in theory but I feel like a lot of her characterization is show and not tell. I feel like constantly the author is trying to tell us how Alina is this edgy character, with a power-hungry dark side, but I did not believe that FOR ONE SECOND. Never. I never could see that in her and I felt like that was just not handled well. On top of that, I find her characterization flimsy and inconsistent, especially when it comes to her feelings towards Mal, The Darkling and Nikolai. I never really saw her as caring for either one of them, and yet there was this sort of love square (?) between them.

Mal is just insufferable and the most basic character in the history of YA. I just can’t with him. I cannot even write anything about him because he is just that bland.

And I honestly don’t get The Darkling hype. I think he is the most basic villain of all time and I just don’t get any chemistry between him and Alina. I really don’t. And I think that the online version of him that I constructed through people’s edits and posts is far more interesting than his actual character, so I really wish I did not read this at all and stayed in my blissful ignorance.

theplotisboringI think the plot of this is really boring. I was never engaged and not a lot of things happened really. And those that did weren’t that exciting. I found myself skim reading and just being over it by the end of the book. One thing I did enjoy is the sort of court politics and war politics that we saw when Alina got to The Little Palace, but that quickly dissolved into her pining about Mal, so it was over before it really started.

unoriginalI am still mad about how unoriginal this is. I am mad that this isn’t Russian inspired, it just is Russian but it’s called Fantasy. Like taking actual words and just slightly altering them does not make world-building. And its just lazy. For example, Nikolai has this brilliant invention that was first called Hummingbird (but then later something else, that I already forgot because that’s how little I cared) that is BASICALLY a plane. He invents a plane. Please.

silverliningMy one silver lining for this book is Nikolai. I love him, I am obsessed with him and ultimately I am glad I got to read this because I met him and I can read King of Scars now. I think he is a fantastic, multi-layered character and it’s no surprise that he is the one who gets a book of his own, since I feel like he is one of the most developed characters. This book gets a slightly higher rating SOLELY because of him. Nothing but respect for my king.

verdictThere was just not anything for me to hold on to in this series. Not even the news about Netflix TV show of the Grishaverse (!!!!!) will make me read the last book of the series which is just saying a lot. Plus, I already read a summary of it and I am so glad I did not have to suffer through that. Sadly, this series doesn’t live up, and I would not recommend it.

addI would love to hear from you as always! Did you read this and what did you feel about the Grisha trilogy? DID YOU SEE THAT THEY ARE MAKING A GRISHAVERSE TV SHOW? Any thoughts on that? Let me know!



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34 thoughts on “Seriously, Everyone Needs to Get Themselves a Personality: Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

  1. i relate to this so much. this book…was so boring and i just didn’t care about anything. i do like the darkling, but if i’m honest, i expected his character to get more page time and more development. i find him the only interesting character (tho i understand ur veiwpoint that he’s a basic villain) but not as a villain to be honest. everyone else is boring. mal angers me so much JDfhdgf and Alina is so boring and i skim read this book too much to even begin to invest myself in Nikolai’s character, oops. i tried to read the last book but it was so broing I DNF-ed! I can’t believe Leigh Barudgo wrote this trash series and then wrote my fave series of all time?? How??

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    1. Omg thank you for validating me!! I actually agree with you about the Darkling – I think he had a lot of potential and in the first book I was really hopeful that he would get a layered, multifaceted characterization, but he never did and he just ended up being basic for me. Lmao I totally get that this was a PAIN. And that’s my biggest question – how is it possible that Leigh blessed us with SoC AND also gave us this mess??? Does not compute

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      1. he had so much potential, and i think i got hyped p about him because i was falling in love with what his character COULD have been…but it never happened. I’m so glad that Leigh developed as a writer so much and I’m amazed her development cus like six of crows is SOO amazing and this is…quite trashy in comparison

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      2. YES! I am so in love with the fandom Darkling – all the edits I see, of him make him see so interesting! And then the actual character paled in comparison 😂 but yeah, I think all six of them in SoC had better character development than Alina so… yeah


  2. I’ve never read this series and never had any intention to. After reading your review I’m actually happy that I never had any intentions on reading it. I could care less about the adaptation too.

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      1. There are some books that I can read where the chapters are a different character and then others that I can’t, it’s really weird.


  3. Hahaha I called it quits at Shadow and Bone. It was just so generic that I knew it would be a waste of time finishing the trilogy. But now…I’m going to read it so I can fully enjoy King of Scars. I loved Nikolai in Six of Crows, so it’s a comfort to think that I’ll at least have him to look forward to. 🙂
    Awesome review! I think it’s fine if you don’t finish this trilogy considering Leigh said that you don’t realllly have to read anything beforehand to understand KoS.

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    1. Omg it was sooo generic and I am from Eastern Europe so it honestly just felt like a rip off 😂 I did really appreciate Nikolai as a character and I wouldn’t say he made the book for me, but he definitely made me finish it. Thank you so much! Oh I read the whole chapter by chapter summary of Ruin and Rising and I am glad I never read the actual book because it’s a mess 😂

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      1. Ahh, now I’m soooooo stoked to read this trilogy now! (sarcasm) Nah, I’m legit dreading it (I may have to default to chapter summaries myself), but hopefully King of Scars will make it worth the pain! 😂

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  4. Nikolai is sincerely the best character in this series and I, too, can’t get fully behind the hype for The Darkling (see: at all) and that’s coming from someone who likes the series. I prefer Six of Crows, but I still didn’t completely hate this series. I’m curious to know how I’d feel if I reread it.

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    1. I am so glad you agree about Nikolai – he seems to be everyone’s fave whether they like the series or not. It’s always interesting to think about how books will compare in rereads – for example I have no idea if I would ever finish TMI if I tried to reread it today and I adored it when I was younger 😂

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      1. You’re right! Also, I really like the quote you picked for this post. It’s one of my favourites. Truly, though, I feel like there’s a lot of books I read back in the day that I would, likely, hate NOW, whereas I loved them back then.

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  5. Quite late but I did read the first book and man that was hard. There was nothing to hold on in this book. All the plot is unfolded in less than half the book and any reader can solve the entire book in less than a few chapters. I did try to like it but I just couldn’t. I absolutely agree with how little worldbuilding there was I could not even try to imagine the landscape around and the protagonist is suposed to deal with maps or letter in the beginning of the book so she did had a great oportunity to lay down a great deal of information about the world. The ending was absolutely generic and the power scaling is just bongus: new powers that people took out of nowhere and no price to be paid at all.
    just plain boring

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