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January Wrap Up: In Which I Barely Read and Life Gets In the Way


Hello friends, welcome to my first ever reading wrap up! I don’t know why I did not do these in the past, but I ran a poll on Twitter and everyone wanted me to start doing these, so who am I to object? Let’s talk about the stuff I read in January. Which is oh so very little.


First thing I read was the second book in the Grisha trilogy and it was a two star read. Yes, the first read of 2019 was a TWO STAR READ. I hate everything. But I especially hate Alina who has no personality and The Darkling who is a generic villain and Mal who is annoying. This book took years off my life because I was rooting for it and then it let me down. BUT. I love Nikolai and I am excited to read King of Scars. But this series has become the Undesirable Number One. Full review available here.


Next, I hosted a readalong in January for The Witchlands series but failed massively at it. I managed to finish only this first book, but I had so much fun rereading it. This series gets better for me with each reread, and with each new series in the book, there’s so much more to think about and more to pay attention to. If I still haven’t convinced you to pick it up – now is the time! My review can be found HERE.


And then The Wicked King was released and we all had a collective breakdown. I loved this book and I am just obsessed with the series as a whole. I loved how Jude and Cardan’s dynamic changed in here, I loved the court politics and I think Jude is one of the best heroines in YA in recent years. Highly recommended if you like messed up people and character with power markers. My review is available here.

And then my friends, things took a turn for the worse. My coursework got HEAVY, I had exams and my master thesis is in full swing so those are the only three books I finished in January. Which is sad. However:


I did start two more books. I am so far enjoying the dark academia vibe of The Secret History. The book is so pretentious, but in a good way, and I am really into it. So far. And I am also really enjoying immensely my reread of Windwitch. It keeps getting better with each reread, so I am excited to finish it. To sum up:


And that’s my month wrapped up! Wasn’t great but at least I read something. Right? Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed the wrap up and its format and let me know what was your favorite book of the month!



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16 thoughts on “January Wrap Up: In Which I Barely Read and Life Gets In the Way

  1. Honestly I feel you girl! I’ve only read 2 books this month 🙈 I feel so out of whack! I definitely want to read The Witchlands series hopefully soon!

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  2. I LOVE YOUR LAYOUT!! It’s so organized and pretty. Okay…I MUST read this Cruel Prince shenanigans. I got the first book in an OwlCrate but didn’t want to start it since it’s not a finished series…BUT EVERYONE KEEPS TALKING ABOUT IT! It’s a thing…adding it to my TBR list for 2019 lol!

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  3. I am sorry the start of the year didn’t treat you so well. I’ve seen a lot of people on my Goodreads feed who were first picking up or re-reading the Grisha trilogy, and most of the comments were negatives, lol. It’s crazy how polarizing it is: people really don’t like the Grisha trilogy, but love Six of Crows. A part of me is really glad that I started with the duology, because I really loved it; however, as much as I’d love to read more from Leigh Bardugo, I don’t think I’ll be putting myself through the pain of the original trilogy just to pick up King of Scars. I hope this one is better for you, though!
    Wishing you a much better February!

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    1. I had a hard time comprehending how I could love SoC SO MUCH, and dislike the characters in the Grisha trilogy so much. It’s wild. I think it wasn’t even necessary to read the original trilogy, but oh well. Thank you so much, happy reading to you too!

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  4. I totally get when life and school get in the way of reading time, it’s annoying. I just started classes again last week and I think I’m finally starting to find a balance.


  5. LKSDJF I LOVE THE FORMAT OF THIS POST so muchhhh ❤ also I cannot believe the good fortune of us reading Truthwitch in the same month, i'm so happy to be Saf + Iseult's ///super fan///// forever, THEIR ADORABLE BOND??????????

    i cannot get over the scene in which Safiya is bound in irons, because Merik is being a ~Dramatic Jerk For a Lifetime~ and Iseult is like, "pls let her out, she is my love, she does not deserve to be a prisoner, i adore her, look at her, she is a fragile ray of sunshine"


    anyway, i'm v happy u brought this series to my attention, i cannot wait to read the second book ❤

    (((((((also i don't really like Merik that much, but i adore Aeduan. i need Aeduan and Polly to become Threadbrothers))))))))))

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    1. AH THANK YOU 💜 and you loving Truthwitch MAKES ME BEYOND HAPPY. SAFI + ISEULT are the greatest, omg Iseult begging Merik go let her go was so powerful and they just love each other and friendship is amazing??? God, I am so happy you did like it.
      And Merik is… complicated. I feel like he definitely suffers from a terrible case of toxic masculinity but Susan Dennard COMES HARD at him in the second book and makes him see that he is being a JERK? Also, he is a control freak and it’s NOT GOOD??? But he’s also so loyal and would do anything for his people and country and that just makes me weak?
      Oh Aeduan can have my firstborn child, I would die for him and Iseult and once they start interacting more??? I LIVE FOR THAT.
      Sorry for the long ass comment BUT dm me anytime you want to scream about the series. I HOPE YOU LOVE WINDWITCH and SIGHTWITCH and BLOODWITCH!!!

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      1. omg i could not have said it better, **toxic masculinity* is FOR SURE what Merik has lsdkjf,,,but i’m so happy Susan dennard attacks him in book 2?????? BECAUSE I CAN SEE HIS SUNSHINE POTENTIAL ❤ he just needs to be called out

        also i'm so excited to read the next book gosh, pls prepare for my fangirl spam skdjf

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