The Willoughby Book Club Review

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog, it’s great to have you here, as always. I am here today to do a review of a book subscription service I recently got for myself and really enjoyed! I rarely get book subscription boxes because international shipping is WILDLY expensive and I can never justify getting a box for myself. However, I got this subscription box as a gift from my parents, so I figured I would tell you how much I enjoyed it.

If you are unaware, The Willoughby Book Club is a book subscription service that offers a large variety of subscription gifts, which you can check out here (but basically there’s young adult, thriller, literary fiction, children’s books). On each subscription, you give them information about your reading – what are your favorite books, what kind of books you like reading, how many books you own etc. You can also share your Goodreads with them. And then they send you a new book based on your tastes each month!

I ended up getting The Bespoke Book Subscription which allows you to choose your top three favorite genres and then you get a selection of books from those genres! The price is £34.99 for 3 months and the shipping is free in the UK. Shipping for me in Europe was £9.99 for all three months. I think the price is really reasonable, especially the shipping. I think that’s such a cool concept and I was super excited to get my books. Here are the books they picked for me:


The first book I got was The Fifth Season and this book was previously on my TBR, but I never ended up picking up a copy for myself. So I was so happy to get it – and as far as my tastes go, they totally nailed it. This is the perfect pick for me, as it’s a high fantasy female-led series and I am super excited to get to it and so happy I ended up getting it. Also, my first copy of the book was in paperback, and the other two (as you will see) came in hardcover.


The second book that I got was Burial Rites and it came in this gorgeous hardcover edition with black sprayed pages! This has been on my TBR for forever and I am so intrigued by this story. Plus, this comes so highly recommended and I am super excited to sit down with it and see what the fuss is about. Plus, it’s stunning.


The last book I got is Twelve Kings and this one was my absolute favorite of the three simply because I haven’t heard of it before and it sounds like an amazing series! There’s assassin’s and there’s a weird plant and a really interesting magic system and I am so excited to get to it. Plus, this cover is amazing and the book looks so cool!

And those are my three books! I am so so satisfied with what I got, and the great thing is that I can’t find these editions on Book Depository, so there’s no way I could have gotten these for myself (except The Fifth Season), which is awesome.
Their customer service was also FANTASTIC, really forthcoming and handled any hiccups promptly.

All in all, I could not recommend the service more. Sadly, my three months are up, but I’d happily subscribe again if I wasn’t a broke college student.

If you want to subscribe, you can use my LINK to subscribe. This is a link that each subscriber gets, and if you use it you will get 10 percent off your subscription, and I get 5 pounds off! Win-win!

Anyways, highly recommend you check out the service and I hope you guys enjoyed this review of it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!



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8 thoughts on “The Willoughby Book Club Review

  1. This is such a cool service! My big fear with something like this would be getting a book that I’ve already read, but since you mentioned sharing your Goodreads with them I suppose that would help in avoiding that issue. I’m so glad you’re happy with all of the books you got, I’m especially excited for you to read Burial Rites!!

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    1. Oh actually, they’re pretty cool about that too – if you get a duplicate they send you a replacement! Plus, if you’re Goodreads is organized then you don’t have to worry. Mine isn’t that great, I have a TBR shelf where I own some books but not most of them, so they reached out to check if I do own the books on that shelf.

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  2. This sounds awesome! I love book subscription boxes. I had 2 that I was getting and finally had to stop because I got so many books I didn’t know what to do with them! Plus I had no where to put all the trinkets! This one sounds intriguing though!

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  3. I can’t afford subscription boxes for the same reason – I live outta nowhere in UAE and the shipping charges would be HUGE. I am happy that you got it worked out well.


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