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March Wrap Up: It Was the Month of Romance (and King of Scars)


Welcome to another reading wrap up! This month was a hellfire and I think I should just come to terms with the fact that this whole year is going to kick my ass and that’s just that. Is it possible to be so tired that you come full circle and don’t even feel tired anymore? But that’s just me. Naturally, I resorted to romance reads this month and I mean I am not complaining. But you should prepare for A LOT of muscles and some cringey covers. But also prepare for a lot of good books. Let’s get into it!

elements of chemistry

First thing I finished was Elements of Chemistry by Penny Reid! I am sure that you know by now that I really love Penny Reid and she’s one of my absolute favorite Romance authors. I love her books to no end (here’s my full review of the Winston Brothers series) and I really loved this one as well. I love that there was a sort of alpha male, toxic behavior from the male lead that was CALLED OUT ON PAGE. It was immediately shut down and I really loved that. Plus, this portrayed a really healthy relationship with really open discussions, so I loved that! Definitely would recommend.

damaged goods

Next, I read Damaged Goods by Talia Hibbert and we should just let her write everything. Talia is smart and funny and hence, her books are smart and funny and really amazing. This was a novella, but it was so well written and paced that it never felt too short or insubstantial. Talia wins at everything. Talia Hibbert is always my go-to romance recommendation for people who don’t read romance because she is a national treasure.

king of scars

Then I finally finished King of Scars and it was THE read of the month for me. It was the one I thought about the most and one that was the highlight of the month, in terms of my engagement. It was really good, but it was not great. I loved the characters, but wanted more from them and I liked the plot but wanted more from it too. Full review can be found HERE.


Absolutely loved this as well! Again, Talia just knows how to write fantastic romance and that’s all there is to it. Plus, she always has so many important discussions in her books and SO MUCH DIVERSITY AND REPRESENTATIONS. We love her.

I also read two other Talia Hibbert novellas: Always With You and Operation Atonement – they were really short but really fun! Plus you get them for free once you sign up for Talia’s newsletter HERE.


Listen, it was the kind of month that necessitated The Hating Game reread. And it was so good. It’s still a fave and I still adore it. It’s just so TENSE. And it’s enemies to lovers which we stan. Here’s a full review HERE.


Everyone in this comic is a mess and I just love them. This is still so much fun, although nothing is actually happening and the plot moves forward at a snail pace. I, however, am too emotionally invested to care. I would die for Harvard and Aiden and they are so important. If you want a diverse, fun series with awesome characters, check out Fence.


I will never get bored of this. Eight volumes later and I would still gladly read anything about these characters. Plus this series is so funny and so well written and the characters are just hilarious while also being so endearing and so real. Again, highly recommended if you want a really amazing contemporary graphic novel series!


Finally, my final read was a fantastic debut! I really enjoyed this, I loved how the themes of cultural oppression of women and isolation were explored and I love the nuance the author brought to the table. Full review can be found HERE.

Here’s how I did this month:


I had a good reading month and I liked all the books I read, which is another win for me! It was a month of romance, but good romance so I am not complaining! Let me know all about your favorite reads this month and just in general how your month has been! I’d love to know!



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