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Chit Chat: The Idiosyncrasies of My Reading

Let’s talk about our specific reading quirks. 

I thought it would be fun to make a post that could also be a tag but not really (I know, that’s so not confusing). Anyways, I thought that today I could talk about some specific things that relate to my reading. For example, rereading books is fairly common among readers. But not all people reread, and not all people reread in the same way. Or some people read only one book at a time, but some people read multiple, and always have a specific system. So I thought I’d share some things about my reading and separate it into categories, so we can all discuss and maybe some of you will want to do the same thing. So it can be like a tag, but not really. So let’s get into it.


I am always reading multiple books at a time, sometimes even four at a time. I think this is mostly due to the fact that I am a mood reader, so I always have to have multiple things going on, just so I can accommodate my constant reading mood changes. I am also someone who has more ebooks than physical books and generally reads more ebooks, but I always feel the need to have a physical copy to go along with an ebook I am currently reading. However, I am always giving priority to one of those books, which leads to me neglecting others and just starting multiple books and never finishing them. For example, I’ve been reading The Secret History since FREAKING JANUARY. It’s so good, but I just haven’t finished it. This whole “multiple books at a time” thing leads to me reading waaaay slower than I did when I was younger and just read one book at a time because that was all I had on hand.


I am definitely a rereader. I especially was one when I was younger. And I love rereading. It’s a very comforting experience for me and it’s something I always do when I am not feeling great or when I am in a reading slump. However, I also reread only specific things. Since I mostly reread for comfort, I always go back to happy, easy books, or some that hold a lot of nostalgia for me. This leads to me not really rereading some of my favorite books. For example, my favorite book of all time (besides a book from a Serbian author that none of you have ever heard about) is A Little Life. I love it to bits. However, I don’t think I will reread it soon, even though I really want to revisit it. Same goes for some of my favorite Fantasy series. I love books like Mistborn, or The Name of the Wind or The Lies of Locke Lamora – these are some of my favorite books, but I am not sure when or if I will reread them. I will, however, be rereading Harry Potter for the 100th time.


I am someone who almost never dnfs books. I don’t know why, but I am someone who generally needs closure, so I cannot stand not knowing how a book ends. Even if I hate it. Actually, especially if I hate it. However, if a book is boring me and I don’t see anyway that it could not bore me (meaning I cannot even hate-read it), then I am very inclined to dnf (those are really rare occurrences, however).


This is another thing that’s really specific for people, but I am someone who reads almost exclusively at night, before bed. Which means that I usually read for 2 hours at a time, tops. This leads to me reading relatively slow. I have a really busy schedule on a day-to-day basis, which means that most of my day is full and that doesn’t leave a lot of leeway in terms of when I can pick up a book. However, when I am on vacation, I sometimes spend the whole day just reading.

I am also someone who makes a point to read every single day, even if it’s just for a bit. If I don’t read in a single day, it means either that life is so busy and I am miserable, or I am in a huge reading slump. HUGE.


This leads me to my next topic – reading slumps! I am someone who rarely gets into slumps. But when I do, I am more of a push through it than wait it out kind of person. Like I will actively try to read like 5 pages at a time until I feel excited about reading again. Or I’ll just read Romance after Romance until I feel like I need a palate cleanser which eventually leads me to my regular reading schedule again. The last time I went through a long period of not reading AT ALL (for like a month) was when I read A Little Life. Life ruiner, that book. In the best way.


I am someone who doesn’t buy a lot of books, or at least not as much as some other blogger and reader friends. However, there are multiple factors that lead to this. For one, I have limited funds as a lowly college student and spending money on books feels irresponsible. On top of that, since I am an international reader (meaning I don’t live in the US or the UK), and books cost me more. It’s also a hassle to get them (I hate waiting) etc. I only have about 30 books on my physical unread shelf and even that is stressing me out.

However, I still spend a lot of my money on books, and I would like to spend less. If libraries were an option for me, I would definitely just be getting books from the library and only buy books I love.

Also, sidenote: I care a lot about covers, but I don’t care about matching series at all. So, I care about the aesthetic of a single, individual book and will spend and splurge on those, but not series as a whole, so I am more inclined to save money if I can.


And those are some of my reading quirks! I’d love to hear from you – tell me all about yours in the comments below, or better yet, make your own post and tag me in it, I’d LOVE to know.

Hope you enjoyed, and thank you for reading!



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15 thoughts on “Chit Chat: The Idiosyncrasies of My Reading

  1. I’m a re-reader too, and you’re right that there’s something comforting about rereading your favorite books. Another thing I love about rereading books is that you pick up on things you may have missed the first time you read the book. The one series I always reread no matter what is Harry Potter, it feels like home.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh yes, I remember rereading The Raven Cycle or The Witchlands series and finding so many new things I missed. And Harry Potter is the one constant in my reading life since I was a kid. I love rereading it so much!


  2. Ooh, I love this discussion/tag! I’m definitely a rereader as well, but it’s so hard for me to reread because I feel guilty because of the ridiculous number of unread books/library books I have. I totally get how you don’t like to DNF because you need closure, for me I have no problem DNFing because there are so many books I want to read so I don’t feel bad putting books down.

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    1. Ah thank you so much, really glad you liked it! Feeling guilty about rereads is such a mood – never felt like that before I started blogging. I wish I was like that with dnf-ing (I finish so many mediocre books) but I just HAVE to know 😂


  3. I love this little discussion, Marija! Funnily enough, though I am a heavy mood reader, I almost never am reading more than one book at a time? And if I am, it’s probably because I promised to BR a book and didn’t get to finish my previous read 😅 I also am a huge rereader as well! I know why a lot of people don’t like to do it, and I feel the same way too, but my love for revisiting old worlds/characters overpowers that haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, May!! I think my need for reading multiple books at a time comes more from the fear of missing out than it does from my mood reading 😅 and I agree completely – I also get why people don’t reread, but for me it’s still worth it 😊

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  4. Depending on my mood I’m either reading multiple books at a time or sticking to just one. There are some books that I go really slowly with, so I need a faster or easier read on the side haha

    I don’t often preorder books unless I really loved book one or the author is a favourite. Many of my books are secondhand so if I do splurge it’s always at a low cost.

    Great post! I’d like to write a similar one on the blog if that’s okay?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am the same – whenever I am reading something heavy, I have to have something I can get through quickly on the side! And same for preorders – only for super exciting releases, since I have to save money.

      And yes, of course, please do! I imagined it as a sort of tag, so please tag me or let me know when you post so I can read it! Thank you 😊


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