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Recent TBR Additions (11th of July, 2019)

A feature in which I share new books I added to my TBR.

This is a lovely little feature in which I update you on books I’ve recently added to my TBR! It’s a chance for me to tell you about books I discovered that piqued my interest and that I am genuinely excited to get to. One day. Soon. Let’s jump into it!

1. Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh

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Silver in the WoodWhy I added it: This was one of’s newer releases and I kept seeing it everywhere and since I loved the cover, I decided to read it. All I know about it is that it features a dark, possibly sentient forest and it honestly sounds so intriguing and brilliant. I know Hannah @ Ink and Myths loved it and I totally trust her opinion so I am really looking forward to this one. Plus, I think it’s really short and so it will be easy to get through. I am excited. has truly been blessing us with awesome books, so I am sure I will love this one too.

2. Ordinary People by Diana Evans

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Ordinary PeopleWhy I added it: This one has been making the rounds since it has been nominated for a lot of awards and it sounds exactly like the kind of book I would enjoy. It’s a look at two couples in London, who are both facing a crisis in their relationships. I think this will be brilliant and really do a deep dive in relationships and parenthood and identity and I love books like that. Books that really unpack and focus on relationships are always something I enjoy, so I think this is a perfect pick for me. This is also a pretty divisive book, some people love it, some hate it, and naturally, that makes me curious, so I am excited to read this one.

3. Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss

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Ghost WallWhy I added it: Ghost Wall is a short novel/novella that was really highly praised in the literary fiction community, and it was nominated for a lot of lit rewards, which always piques my interest. This follows a family that lives in isolation, surviving by the use of tools and knowledge of the Iron Age. Then, for two weeks, they join an anthropology course that reenacts life in the Iron Age, and our main character, Silvie, starts seeing a new way of living by interacting with the students and starts to rethink the way her father has raised her. I think this premise is really intriguing and I am really interested to see what this story can do in 150 pages. I am super excited for this one.

4. Lost Children Archive by Valeria Luiselli

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Lost Children ArchiveWhy I added it: Another one of the books that was mentioned on a lot of literary prize lists and one that I found really intriguing. It’s a story about a family, a mother and a father and their kids, that sets out on a road trip to the Apaches. The father, a sound documentarist, hopes to gather an “inventory of echoes” from this historic place. And the mother gets obsessed with the news about all the children that are getting detained in detention centers on the southern border. And the family itself is facing a crisis, as the conflict between the parents starts to form. This is told through collected texts and images, narrated by the mother and her son, and I think that sounds like such an interesting way to approach this story. And also this sounds like a mix of personal family drama and political themes, which I always enjoy, so I am looking forward to it.

5. The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White

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The Guinevere Deception (Camelot Rising, #1)Why I added it: As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I became obsessed with the Arthurian legend and I am always on the lookout for new reimaginings of it. When I saw the cover for The Guinevere Deception and that it was in fact that it’s about Guinevere, I immediately wanted to read it. It’s YA Fantasy, and it focuses on Guinevere, which pretends to be someone else so she can marry Arthur in order to protect him and the kingdom from outside threats. This sounds absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait for it to come out so I can finally read it!

And those are some new books I added to my TBR recently! As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these and to hear about some new books you discovered recently!



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