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July Wrap Up: Readathons and Necromancers


Welcome to another reading wrap up! July was a great reading month because I participated in two readathons (one I failed, the other one I kind of didn’t) AND I read my new favorite book of the year. So that’s great!

I haven’t read a lot, but I enjoyed everything this month so we call that a win. Let’s chat about the books!

die volume 1

The first thing I finished this month is Die Volume 1: Fantasy Hearbreaker. Gillen wrote my favorite comic series – The Wicked + the Divine, so I had to get his new series and I LOVED IT. If you are a fan of Fantasy table-top games and RPGs, you’re going to love it. This comic celebrates them, but also turns a lot of the genre tropes on its head and does something completely amazing and unique. I cannot recommend it more! And the art is absolutely stunning.


Next, I reread From Lukov, With Love by Mariana Zapata because I practice self-care. This is one of my favorite Romance novels of all time. It’s a figure skating, hate-to-love SLOW burn and it’s fantastic. The characters are amazing, there are great family dynamics portrayed AND there’s dogs. IT’S THE PERFECT BOOK, GO READ IT.


Then I reread Percy Jackson for the first challenge in my Book Junkie Trials TBR (and then I didn’t read anything else for it). I absolutely loved rereading it. It was so fantastic to be back in this world and to be in Percy’s head again. I really love what Riordan does with the mythology and I really just love Annabeth a lot. It was so nice to reread a book I loved when I was younger and still enjoy it so much. It was just a great reading experience.


Then I finally read Monstress Vol. 2 and I absolutely loved it! The story is so good and the art is just unparallel. It’s my favorite art in any comic book series ever. And the world is so huge and intricate, it’s just a fantastically well-done story. My one grievance with this is that it can get confusing and at first, I have no idea what I’m reading, which is why this doesn’t get a full five star. But it’s brilliant and I cannot recommend it more. One of the best thing the genre has to offer.


And then! I read Gideon the Ninth. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw my gushing, but I loved this. I think it’s one of the most clever and unique books I ever read. It’s such a unique world and the characters are completely brilliant. This is dark and funny and twisted, with really delicious prose and I just am so excited for all of you to read it, so you can scream about it with me. Plus, Tamsyn retweeted my review which means I have peaked in life. Full review can be found HERE.


My second to last read of the month was All Systems Red by Martha Wells, the first novella in the Muderbot Diaries. It was so much fun and I really loved Murderbot a lot. I think Wells did a wonderful job portraying what it means to be human. On top of that this was a load of Sci-Fi fun, and I can’t wait to see where the story goes.

foolish hearts

And then in a spur of the moment 12 am decision, I decided to reread Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills and it was the best decision I made this whole month. This book just leaves you with this soft, warm, hopeful feeling and I love it. I adore the way Emma Mills writes friendships and family, and I love Claudia, our main protagonist so much. My full review for this is HERE.

Here’s how I did this month:


A 4.5 rating is how I want the rest of my year to go, okay? Okay! Go preorder Gideon the Ninth please and thank you.

addI’d love to hear from you – how was your reading month? What was your favorite read in June? I’d love to know!



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8 thoughts on “July Wrap Up: Readathons and Necromancers

  1. i’m so excited! to read Gideon the Ninth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i promised myself i’d stop buying books before i’d read + loved them but lksjdflksd you + all my other friends + love Gideon and it’s Unacceptable for me not to preorder :’)

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  2. Love the graphics you use for your wrap up! I used to make individual ones for each book and I remember it always taking sooo much time to do.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It seems like you had a great reading month! Rereading favourites is always so nice ♥ I’ve seen you talk about Gideon so much this past month, and I have to admit, now I REALLY want to read it! So thank you for that 😀 I have a feeling it’ll be a great read!

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