Ranking My Favorite Authors’ Books: Emma Mills

We love lists and we love not checking them twice. 

Well, hello. I am sorry I have been MIA – it was entirely unintentional, but sometimes life gets in the way, which is frustrating but there’s nothing you can do about it. So September was slow for blog posts, but hopefully, it will get better.

Anyways, I thought it’d be fun to do a new feature where I rank books from my favorite authors (at least the ones I have read) and we are starting with Emma Mills! I have read all of her books (including the one releasing January 2020), so I think it makes sense to start with her books!

Emma Mills writes, in my humble opinion, the best YA contemporaries. Her characters are always so real and fleshed out, and she writes character dynamics flawlessly. I love all of her books, and I seriously have a hard time ranking them. I always get attached to the characters, I always love the friendships, and I feel like Emma Mills really knows how to write teenagers realistically, which I love.

So basically I love Emma Mills, and the important thing to note is that all of these are five-star reads. So I LOVE them all. I just love some slightly more than others. I thought it’d be fun to rank these, so you could get a sense of where to start, but the main takeaway of this post should be for you to read them all, because they are all amazing. So let’s get into it.

5. Lucky Caller

Image result for lucky caller

A review for this one will be coming a bit closer to the release date, but I loved this one a lot. This features one of my favorite tropes which is the childhood friendship trope and I really loved how it was handled in this. I loved the romance, it was so sweet and pure, and I loved the family dynamics in this one too. I think this is in the last place simply because there isn’t a bigger friend group and the dynamic shifts to Nina and Jamie’s friendship (which is also soft and pure!!) but I always go hard for bigger friend groups. I still loved this one, and I cannot wait for you all to read my review!

4. First & Then 

Image result for first and then emma mills

I adore this book, and I have just recently reread it, and it was just as good as I remembered. It’s the perfect subtle Pride and Prejudice retelling, and I love truly unlikeable our main character Devon is, and how much she grows in this book. She has such a fantastic character arc in this book, and I especially love the progression of her relationship with her cousin. It’s so wonderful. Also, First & Then features my favorite Emma Mills romance. I love Ezra, and I love his and Devon’s dynamic to bits. This is lower on the list because some books have to be, and again, this doesn’t have as large of a cast as I usually go hard for.

3. Famous in a Small Town

Image result for famous in a small town

You know what’s great? Small towns. I really loved this book and I adored the sister dynamic it explored. Also, Sophie, the main character, and her best friend Brit had such a wonderful relationship and it made me soft. They fought and they did not agree on a lot of things, but at the end of the day, they adore each other and are always there for each other and I saw so much of me and my high school friends in their relationship that it made me so happy. Also, this book made me cry and I feel like it’s the most “serious” of her books, and I love how it handled grief and guilt and anger. You can read my review for it here. This isn’t higher only because I love the other two more.

2. This Adventure Ends

Image result for this adventure ends

I need to reread this one ASAP, but I adored this book to bits. Sloane, our main character, is definitely one of the characters I relate to the most, not only in Emma Mills books, but in literature in general. She reminds me so much of myself as a teenager, and I really loved reading from her perspective (yes, I know that sounds narcissistic, but that’s because it is). I also think this book and Foolish Hearts really nail on character quirks WHICH I LOVE. Sloane’s dad is a writer and gets into a werewolf TV show and then reads fanfiction for it (we stan) and the friend group in this book is JUST UNPARALEL. I love them all to bits.

1. Foolish Hearts

Image result for foolish hearts emma mills

This is like THE PERFECT book and you cannot convince me otherwise. It has everything I want and need – amazing characters and exploration of both friendship, family and romance. I love the characters and their relationships, and I love how nuanced every single dynamic in this book is. This book owns my whole heart and I want you all to read it ASAP. Start here, and work your way through this whole list and then come talk to me about them.


Do you like Emma Mills? Any faves on the list? How do you like this idea of ranking books from favorite authors? Let me know everything in the comments!



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16 thoughts on “Ranking My Favorite Authors’ Books: Emma Mills

  1. Yes, Foolish Hearts is the best! This story will always hold a special place in my heart. Idk how did the author made me so in love with this story. You know, I even got @gideonprewitt as a twitter username so I realized that only few have finished reading this. Ah, they are all missing such a great piece.


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