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Recent TBR Additions (25th of October, 2019)

A feature in which I share new books I added to my TBR.

This is a lovely little feature in which I update you on books I’ve recently added to my TBR! It’s a chance for me to tell you about books I discovered that piqued my interest and that I am genuinely excited to get to. One day. Soon. Let’s jump into it!

1. The Accident of Being Lost: Songs and Stories by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

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This Accident of Being Lost: Songs and StoriesWhy I added it: This is a short story collection by a Nishnaabeg writer and it focuses on a decolonized reality – it’s a blend of Nishnaabeg storytelling, sci-fi and contemporary fiction, and it sounds absolutely amazing. I heard about this book on Books and Lala’s channel on Youtube, and she spoke so highly of it that I really wanted to read it. It sounds exactly like the kind of short story collection I like – it’s a blend of fantastical and real, and it seems to be focused on deconstructing narratives and playing around with them, which is something I love in literature in general, but especially in short stories. I am quite excited for this one.

2. Loathe at First Sight by Suzanne Park

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Why I added it: This one doesn’t even have a cover yet, but I am already super excited. It’s an own voices romance novel about a woman trying to launch a feminist video game, while being antagonized by a new MBA intern at the video game company. I am already in love. It’s out in the summer of 2020 and I bet it’s one of my fave romances of next year.

3. The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

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The FlatshareWhy I added it: You probably heard about this one, since it’s been quite popular on Goodreads and Booktube. This is a romance novel about Tiffy and Leon, who share a flat, but have never met. She lives there during the night because Leon works nights, and he is there during the day (or vice versa, I am not sure). I am sure, however, that this will be absolutely precious. And it comes highly recommended from everyone who reads romance a lot, so I think I will really enjoy it. Moreover, even people who don’t read a lot of romance loved this one, so I am sure I will too.

4. Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo

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Girl, Woman, OtherWhy I added it: I added this one to my TBR right after the Booker longlist got announced and it was one of the only books on the list that I was sure I would love to read, based on the synopsis alone. And I am so glad that the reviews for it have been spectacular AND that it ended up winning the Booker (and I think it sucks the author has to share the win with Attwood, it makes no sense and it was a BAD decision). This story follows 12 different characters, mostly women, who tell the stories of their lives and families across Britain. The book is described as a love song to black womanhood and modern Britain, and I am so excited to read it.

5. Docile by K.M. Szpara

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DocileWhy I added it: I am obsessed with this book’s tagline and it made me immediately want to read the book – “There is no consent under capitalism. This novel is a sci-fi novel where people constantly go into debt, and in order to repay that debt, they have to become Docile – they become slaves, body and soul to the people they owe debts to. We follow Elisha whose mother was taken by a drug, Dociline, and who now has to repay the debt his family has gone in. His contract gets purchased by the heir of the exact company that produces Dociline. The book promises to be about power and abuse and wealth and capitalism, so I am really excited and I think it’s gonna be a huge deal next year. And I do love the cover.


And those are some new books I added to my TBR recently! As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these and to hear about some new books you discovered recently!



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