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November Wrap Up: Favorite Books & Life is Hard


Welcome to another reading wrap up! No life updates – things are still hectic and there’s no improvement in sight. BUT! I read my favorite book of the year in November, so I cannot complain.

Let’s talk about books now!


Talia Hibbert is one of my absolute favorite romance novels, and I am so happy that she finally released her first traditionally published book and that it’s been getting so much buzz. I really enjoyed Chloe Brown – the characters were great, they had really great banter and I think their romance was really cute. Moreover, I love the topics Talia covered in here – chronic illness and abuse are explored in this novel in a really nuanced way, which I highly appreciated. The rating is lower simply because the story as a whole did not do a lot for me – I liked it, and appreciated all that it was doing, but just did not love it as much as I wanted to. I would still highly recommend it if you want a really cute, diverse, well-written romance.


I really enjoyed Gemina, just as much as Illuminae (my review for Illuminae can be found HERE), if not more. I really loved the new characters, especially Nik Malikov. I loved the twists and turns and the whole set up of the novel, and I just had the utmost fun reading it. The only reason these books aren’t five star reads for me is because they sometimes feel too convenient and the dialogue verges on the cringe side, which might be due to the format, but still. Other than that, they are awesome books and I highly recommend them.

call down the hawk

This book is not objectively perfect and I do acknowledge the flaws it had. The ending was anticlimactic and there wasn’t enough Adam. BUT. This is my favorite book of the year. I just can’t help it. Reading about Ronan Lynch again, and reading the way Maggie writes her character so carefully and intricately is something that I still haven’t found in another author’s work. So for that, Call Down the Hawk gets my love and gets the number one spot on this year’s best of list. My full review can be found HERE.


Three Women was a really interesting read for me. On one hand, it’s incredibly addictive and well written, so it grips you from the start and doesn’t let go. But on the other, there’s nothing non-fiction about it. It’s a very literary recount of these women’s sex lives, and there’s no sort of metanalytical framework under which the book functions. As such, this isn’t really a deep look at women’s desire, it’s more a juicy recount of three particular women’s sex lives. It was still really gripping, I just wish there was more of the author’s actual voice in this. You can find my full review HERE.

queen of nothing

To be honest, this book was a letdown. It was incredibly rushed and off-paced, a lot of things happened just to further the plot in a way that was convenient, a lot of stuff resolved via deus ex machina, and the book left a lot to be desired. However, there were some pretty amazing Cardan and Jude moments, so the book gets an extra star for those. My review is coming tomorrow so stay tuned!

Here’s how I did this month:


This was not a great month, but on the other hand, I did get to read my favorite book of the year, so like I said, I cannot complain.

addI’d love to hear from you – how was your reading month? What was your favorite read in November? I’d love to know!



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8 thoughts on “November Wrap Up: Favorite Books & Life is Hard

  1. I started reading Get A Life, Chloe Brown last month and am liking it thus far even though it’s taking me a bit to get through. I also discovered there will be a sequel about one of Chloe’s sisters, which I’m already excited about even though I’m not done with the first one.

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