How My Reading Has Changed in 2019

End of the year posts are here and I am thriving!

Welcome to the first in a series of my end of the year posts! I am a bit behind with the schedule, but I am so excited to wrap up my reading year with you all! Last year, I started off this series of posts with a discussion on how my reading has changed in 2018, and this year we are doing the same! I am constantly evolving as a reader, so it’s nice to look back on what I have done differently this year. So let’s chat!

Rereading is Making a Comeback

I finally got back into rereading! I used to reread so much, but since I started blogging that has taken a backseat. However, this year I managed to reread a lot of books, even some I haven’t previously enjoyed and now have a newfound appreciation for them (yes, Kevin Day did win it for The Foxhole Court with me). It’s been amazing rereading some faves, and I am excited to continue on with this in 2020.

I read fewer books

In 2018, I managed to finish 108 books in total, which was amazing and I think my personal best. This year, I read (or will have read) around 70 books. And I don’t see that changing in 2020. I am significantly busier now and will be in the foreseeable future, which means reading less is also probably here to stay in 2020.

I care less about ARCs

But I think the hype surrounding ARC copies is finally leaving me. I don’t think it’s crucial for me to read books before anyone else anymore. I find that sometimes it’s a lot more exciting to read them when everyone else is reading them. And I am generally not so stressed about them anymore — yes, getting them is a privilege and I do review all the ARCs I get, but I am not really that stressed if I read an ARC after release date. I don’t make any money off of this, so I don’t see why I should prioritize ARCs over sometimes reading just because I want to read something.

HOWEVER, I think I read even more ARCs this year than the previous year. Slightly more, but still. I get so caught up in ARCs, that in 2020 I will make a monthly limit on how many I can request and I’ll make a list of exceptions (in case, I don’t know, the sequel of Call Down the Hawk is available).

I enjoyed the books I read less

I think every year I get more and more critical, which leads to me liking books less and less. I don’t think I am bad at picking up books — I stay clear of books I know will not be for me, even if everyone loves them, but just books have failed to move me and wow me this year. Case in point — I had only 5 five star reads this year, excluding rereads and graphic novels. SO, here’s to me loving more books in 2020.


I would love to hear from you – what has changed in your reading this year? What has stayed the same? I would love to know!



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19 thoughts on “How My Reading Has Changed in 2019

  1. I think I’ll be on par with reading, but I definitely noticed more patterns with my reading this year. I liked noticing what times of the year I read more, since I can plan my 2020 a bit better now.

    YAY ON THE ARCs! I remember that being a BIG thing for you for 2019. You still READ some, but at least you didn’t worry too much over them. So good on you!

    Great post! I like reflecting over the year as well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh this is fun to read! I really should care less about ARCs as well, I hate stressing about reading.. (since I want to read and review them before release date)
    I hope you will read more 5 star reads in 2020!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. I had a great year but I think that indeed the excitement about ARCs has lessened most of the time. There is a lot of pressure around these. I try not to request too many and only those I am really interested in reading!

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  4. That an interesting look at your year in reading! Personally, I read a lot more (like double the amount of books) than the previous couple of years, which I am so glad for. I reread quite a few books as well, which is something I hadn’t done in a while, and it’s always lovely to dive into a world again. I found that I fell in love with characters all over again, and sometimes enjoyed a book even more the second time around! I also tried to read a bit more contemporary novels 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh that’s awesome go you! And the best part of rereading for me is when I like the book even more or have a new appreciation of it! And that’s also wonderful that you explored a new genre more, I should try and do that in 2020 as well 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I similarly feel like I’m finally losing hype around ARCs! It’s actually nice, since it made me sort of stressed out to get so into them. It’s definitely much more fun to focus on what you want to rather than what’s shiny and new.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think for me it’s a mix of both – I have read so much of YA and now I know what I like in it, so now only a very specific book will work for me, but also, I have become so much more critical and it just gets more and more the more I read. But here’s hoping that we both have LOTS of 5 star reads in 2020!


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