Reading Year in Review: 2019


Welcome to arguably my favorite post of the year and that’s a reading year in review! I am here to share all the stats for my reading in 2019 and I am for one so excited to chat about this reading year. Be warned, it was not that great, and its saving grace were the rereads, because it seems that’s the only thing I actually liked this year. BUT I love talking stats, even if they are shitty. Also, I did this post in 2018 as well, so you can find it HERE, if you want to compare.

Disclaimers! I am currently reading ONE book and there’s a chance I will finish it, but I won’t have time to write this post after that, so this is what you get, it’s an almost perfect approximation. I track my reading using Goodreads and also a spreadsheet created by Brock Roberts from Let’s Read (I hope they make a new one for 2020, it’s my favorite thing in the world). So all of these are from either Goodreads or from my spreadsheet.  First up, the totals:


This was a super busy year for me and I set my reading goal at 50. I reached it in June, but my usual goal of 75 is not met (yet), so I think it was a good call to lower it and I am satisfied with the amount of stuff I read. It was also on the shorter side, because I mostly read books that were quick and easy to read, since I was incredibly overwhelmed and stressed this year, so the average length and also my longest book are due to that. This will hopefully change in 2020 because I really want to get back to my 1000 page long Adult Fantasy.


chart (19)

As with the previous year, Romance and Fantasy dominate the chart. Romance took over because I reread a lot of Romance this year, because I was desperately looking for comforting reads I knew I was gonna like. I don’t think I even read a new fave Romance this year, but I reread a lot of old ones. Fantasy is also a big genre for me, and it always will be. But I am hoping to read more Adult Fantasy in 2020 (it was mostly YA this year which is why I think my reading year was bleh) and also I am going to finally get back on track with Literary Fiction. I think that I haven’t found many new faves this year precisely because I haven’t read a lot of Literary Fiction this year. So I am changing that in 2020, getting back into my two favorites – Adult Fantasy and Literary Fiction. But I am also keeping Romance, naturally.

Year of Publication 

Years PublishedThis is super interesting I think. When you compare this to last year’s stats, when most of the books I read were from 2018, this year I also read mostly from 2018, and not 2019. I still stuck to current releases, which is mostly due to the number of ARCs I read, but I think I finally got to a place where I am not as involved with ARCs as I used to be, so hopefully, I can diversify my year of publication in 2020 too and go back to my backlist.

Books by Month

chart (20)

This is also super interesting! You can see when I was the busiest and you can also see how much less I read in the second half of the year when I started my PhD. May and March were the best because I did not half a lot of obligations then, but from September onwards, I read less than 5 books a month, which is less than I am used to.

Author Gender

chart (21)

As per usual, the majority of books I read is by women, and it’s even more imbalanced than in 2018. I think it’s mostly because I haven’t read a lot of Adult Fantasy, which is where I read more male authors (but I would also like to change that in the future and read more Adult Fantasy by women). I also read a book by a non binary author, which is something I set as a goal at the end of 2018!

Protagonist Gender

chart (22)

Also interesting – the protagonists’ gender. I read a lot of books with Dual PoV – it’s mostly because romance books tend to have a Dual PoV. I would like to read more ensemble casts in 2020, I love those kinds of books, so if you have any recs on that front, send them to me!

Age Group

chart (23)

I would like this ratio to stay the same in 2020! This year, I have more Adult simply because of the Romance novels, if it weren’t for those, YA would heavily dominate, so I want to keep this same ratio, but also have the Adult books be something more besides Romance.


chart (24)

I was hoping to change this in 2019, but failed. I am especially annoyed by the fact that I read mostly US and UK books, because I am an international reader, so here’s to diversifying this map in 2020, finally.


chart (25)

I am happy with this one! 75% of books I read had some sort of diverse representation, which is great. 2020 should lower the category of “none”, since those are almost exclusively romance novels. So I like the way this looks, and I like that I have 20% of own voices and 27% of combo, so that’s great and here’s to many more in 2020.

This Year’s TBR or Backlist? 

chart (26)

As per usual, I mostly read this year’s releases and new books I added to my TBR, which is something I would really like to change in 2020. I had a lot of rereads which is great and I am gonna continue rereading because it really makes me happy.


chart (27)

And finally, here’s the format I read in this year. As you can see there’s a lot of ebooks, since that’s my preferred format, but also a lot of hardcovers, which is weirdly what I found myself enjoying the most this year. A lot of ARCs too, as per usual, but hopefully it gets better in 2020.

chart (28)

And here it is by physical/digital – mostly digital, but I read more physical books this year than in 2018.

Blogging Stats

Followers at the end of the year: 1051
Views in 2019: 21.1K
Visitors in 2019: 12.3K

Thank you so much for all the love and support throughout this and every other year. This was a stressful and less fun year than I would have liked, and when I say that you all helped make it a bit better, know that that is the truth. I loved reading your comments and talking about books with you all, and thank you for always being so kind and wonderful to me. This community is just amazing, and I hope all of you have had a wonderful reading and life year, and here’s to 2020 being even better for us all!


Chat with me about 2019 – books, life, reading, crying, laughing, whatever! I would love to share and chat with you one final time in 2019! Thank you for all the love!



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