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Judging Books By Their Covers: March 2020 Releases Edition

The old saying goes “Don’t judge a book by the cover” but that’s what we are here to do.

Every month, I pick some books with pretty covers and then I show the ones with best blurbs to you.
Basically, I spend a lot of time on Netgalley, and scouring the Internet for new releases, so I am gonna do that, but pick the books based on their cover. Then I’ll read the blurbs and pick my favorites and then I share them with all of you!

So the basic formula of this post is pretty books meets new releases I am excited about.

Yes, this post is late. Super late. In my defense, I got distracted with the Women’s Prize, life and overall existential anxiety. But it’s still here, and at least we can still enjoy pretty book covers! I hope all of you are managing and keeping safe.

1. Conjure Women by Afia Atakora

Image result for conjure women afia

The City in the Middle of the Night
Release Date: March 17th

Why I love the cover: I think this cover is so pretty. It’s colorful, but in a tone downed way, and I love the overall feel of it. It promises a rich and lush world inside, which I always love to see in a cover.

Why I love the blurb: This is a story set before and after the Civil War and it follows three women – May Belle, who is a slave and a healing woman, her daughter Rue, who follows in her footsteps and becomes a midwife, and their master’s daughter Varina. The blurb promises an exploration of relationships between these three, but also a richly imagined story, and I am super excited to check it out.

2. The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

Image result for the house in the cerulean sea

The City in the Middle of the Night

Release Date: March 17th

Why I love the cover: We all know I am pretty partial to illustrated covers, and I love the colors on this one, and the magical, middle-grade feels of it.

Why I love the blurb: This is described as a mix between 1984 and Umbrella Academy with a pinch of Douglas Adams, and it follows six (magical?) orphans who are likely to bring about the end of the world. I know it’s queer and I know it has the found family trope AND Seanan McGuire called it “very close to perfect”, so I am naturally super excited for this one.

3. The Empress of Salt and Fortune by Nghi Vo 

Image result for the empress of salt and fortune

Immoral Code

Release Date: March 24th

Why I love the cover: I just love pink okay? I also love the typography on this one, and the illustrations are gorgeous. This cover also perfectly matches the book, so it’s a win all around.

Why I love the blurb: This is a novella from Tor Dot Com which I have already read and adored, and I implore you all to pick it up. It’s set in a world reminiscent of Imperial China and at its core, it’s a story about female friendships and women reclaiming their agency and their place in history. It’s brilliantly told and I loved it a whole lot. You can find my review HERE. But please check it out.

4. Hex by Rebecca Dinerstein Knight

Image result for hex rebecca dinerstein

Immoral Code

Release Date: March 31st

Why I love the cover: I love flowers on book covers, and a skull made of flowers is that perfect mix of dark and beautiful I love in my literature.

Why I love the blurb: This book revolves around two women – Nell, a PhD candidate exploring poisonous plants and antidotes for them, and her mentor, Joan. Nell is obsessed with her mentor, and the story basically revolves around them and their relationship. A review from a reader who disliked a book says that “This book is not really about anything other than the ugly incestuousness of social groups in academia” which to someone who is in social groups in academia sounds very compelling. I am excited.

5. The Sisters Grimm by Menna Van Praag

Image result for the sisters grimm menna van praag

Immoral Code

Release Date: March 31st

Why I love the cover: There are two versions of this cover, and the other foiled, naked hardback one is also pretty, but I just love how the four elements are included here, with different colors and silhouettes. It’s very pretty and very cool.

Why I love the blurb: This is a fantasy novel following four half-sisters that were created by this dark magician (maybe?). Each of them has their own elemental power, and on their 13th birthday, they were ripped from their world and separated. Now, at eighteen they are trying to find each other and also they are trying to find a way to get back to their world. Sounds AMAZING. I love sister relationships, I love elemental magic, it all sounds really amazing. Excited to get to this one.


And those are this month’s pretty new releases. Let me know your favorite one and as always, let me know about pretty books you found recently!

In the meantime, happy reading





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17 thoughts on “Judging Books By Their Covers: March 2020 Releases Edition

  1. This is a fun idea for a post! We seem to have a very similar taste in book covers because I love ALL of these. Something about the right colors put together and some bold lettering. I feel like covers have really gotten so much better over the past few years with all of these lovely illustrations!

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  2. Ok first of all all of these covers are amazing!! The Sisters Grim looks so good I am trash for sisterhood stories!! Also love the found family trope and therefore need The house in the Geurlan sea! Thanks for making my TBR explode, lovely post 🤣☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Conjure Women and Empress of Salt & Fortune are also on my TBR! Possibly solely because I liked the covers, ha. And oh boy, I’m liking the look of Hex & Sisters Grimm! Wouldn’t expect Hex to be dark academia based on the cover, but I love it anyway. Adding to my TBR. Great post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love this idea for a post and your execution of it is great. Thank you for that. I am going to be adding several of these to my super long TBR, like Conjure Women, maybe The House in the Cerulean Sea, maybe The House of Salt & Fortune, and The Sisters Grimm. Not familiar (as far as my memory will throw me) with any of these but they are beautiful. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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