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June 2020 Wrap Up: Did June Even Happen or Was It Just a Fever Dream?


Welcome to my June Wrap Up! I cannot either confirm or deny that June actually happened because I don’t remember it. GREAT. Now let’s talk about the books I read because that apparently happened? WHO KNEW.

this is all your fault

Started out great and I really did end up enjoying this one! While it definitely had issues with pacing and it took a while to get somewhere, I really enjoyed the focus on female friendships and I loved the development of them between our three main characters. I also really enjoyed how mental health issues were portrayed in here, so I would definitely recommend this one! Review to come closer to release date, but add it to your TBRs and preorder lists! I am now really excited to check out Aminah Mae Safi’s other books.

elements of chemistry

Then I reread another fave romance because that’s how I cope with life. The Elements of Chemistry is a three-part New Adult book from Penny Reid, and I love it. It verges on cringey at times, but what I like in this is that the male lead suffers from some alpha douche issues (nothing extreme), and those get called out and shut down immediately and there’s so much growth both in the relationship and the characters. Another thing I love is that the characters have great communication, which I always appreciate. Definitely not perfect, and has some older NA vibes, but I still love it.

take a hint

Then I read the new Talia Hibbert and everything was right in the world. I absolutely loved the characters and the romance in here and it was spectacular. The only reason I docked a star is that I found the pacing to be really slow at first and it took a while to get going, but I LOVED it please go read it. You can find my full review HERE.

order of the pure moon

Sadly, I ended the month with a disappointing read. I was super excited for this, and I started the book really into it, but the story never went anywhere. I loved the setting and the vibe, but the actual story was not interesting in the slightest, and the characters did not do much for me. I really enjoyed the idea of this book, with its found family tropes, but the actual execution just did not deliver on the concept for me.

And here are my stats for the month of June:


addI’d love to hear from you – how was your reading month? What was your favorite read in June? I’d love to know!

In the meantime, happy reading





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9 thoughts on “June 2020 Wrap Up: Did June Even Happen or Was It Just a Fever Dream?

  1. Great reading month! I read about 13 books and enjoyed most of them, my favorite was Spring Strings by Lily Morton, it was an amazing read: funny, great characters and angst ❤


  2. oh no, i’m so sad that you didn’t love the order of the pure moon!! i’ve been looking forward to reading that one 😭 but i’m really happy to hear that you enjoyed this is all your fault! i haven’t seen many reviews of it yet, so i’m glad that you loved it — i’m definitely excited for the queer and depression rep! hope you have a great july, marija ❤

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