Did I Fail My 2020 Reading Goals?

Every year I set up reading goals for myself. It’s just stuff that I want to try and work on in regards to my reading during the year. And then at the end of the year I can lament on the stuff I failed at miserably. Fun! If you want to read the full post, you can find it HERE, but I’ll go through all of the goals in the post below. Let’s get into it! 


2020 goal: Read 60 Books

Verdict: It’s a win!

I am currently at 74 read books and I am hoping to finish three more by the end of the year, so that’s a win! I lowered my usual goal of 70 this year to account for being super busy but then the world went to hell, so I was still able to do a lot of reading despite the general hecticness of my life. So that’s a win on the first reading goal!  

2020 goal: Read More Literary Fiction

Verdict: It’s another win!

This year was all about trying to get back into lit fiction and I definitely did that. I think it’s my second most-read genre this year and I am really glad I read more of it this year. It’s been great. I’ve spoken more about that in my post on how my reading changed this year HERE, but overall, really glad that I’ve succeeded at this goal. 

2020 goal: Read the Women’s Prize for Fiction Longlist

Verdict: Technically a fail, but a win in spirit. 

So I ended up not reading the whole longlist, but I read 10 of the 16 longlisted books, which I think was a good number. Overall, I was not that impressed with the list, and I am not sure if I will read it next year because they had some weird comments, but I did love chatting to people about the prize and reading experience as a whole. You can find all of my Women’s Prize posts HERE if you want to see how I got along with the list and the reading experience. But yeah, technically not a win, but this was largely the reason I fulfilled my previous goal and I did read a fair amount of books from the list, so we’ll count it as an ALMOST win. 

2020 goal: Read More Sci-Fi

Verdict: A massive, tragic fail

This is so funny to me because I read ONE Sci-Fi book this year and it’s not even full-blown Sci-Fi (it was Docile and PLUS I hated it). Science Fiction is a genre I never reach for and the premises never speak to me, but I am positive I would actually love the genre if I just.picked.up.a.book. I would love some Sci-Fi recs for people who do not read Sci-Fi if you have them. But yeah, this was a really massive fail. 

2020 goal: Lower My Physical TBR 

Verdict: Kind of a win

This is a multifaceted goal because it was about a couple of different things. Number one, it was about me buying less books, and I succeeded at that! Last year, I hauled (bought/received) 56 books which is just A LOT, and this year I ended up getting 30 books. So that part I got right. I also wanted to read more of my physical books instead of basically reading ebooks and eARCs all the time and I was also kind of successful at that. I got 30 books this year, but my TBR only grew by 8 books (so I read 22 books off of it, so that’s sort of a win). I also wanted to read books as I buy them and that was also successful. So I am satisfied! 

2020 goal: Read Backlist TBR 

Verdict: FAIL 

This is embarrassing but every year I have a designated backlist TBR of 12 books (SO ONE PER MONTH, it’s so easy) from my backlist that I have to get to and I always fail at it. My total for this year will be probably four (I have finished three and I am going to finish Words of Radiance as well) so only a third, that is sad. I did love three of those four so I am definitely keeping the TBR goal but I am gonna start every month with a new one picked at random and I will finish it next year, you heard it here first. Unless the world goes to shit once again. 


I would love to hear from you! Tell me how you handled your reading goals for the year! Were you successful? Any surprises? Let me know!   

In the meantime, happy reading




* If you want to buy any of the books I talked about, you can use my Bookshop affiliate link if you’re in the USA! You buy a book and support local bookstores, and I get a small commission! Even if you do not want to use my own affiliate link, I would still recommend using Bookshop.org since a lot of independent bookstores are struggling and this is a nice way to help them out.  You can even find your favorite local bookstore and support them directly! 

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16 thoughts on “Did I Fail My 2020 Reading Goals?

  1. I didn’t even set any goals this year and still feel like I failed them. I am very impressed with everybody who achieved any reading goals in this weird year.
    So, Scifi. I am technically exactly different in that I always think they sound great and then never love them. But I am most successful with books that are a genre hybrid. So, for example The Unbroken is a fantasy – scifi hybrid that I adored (fantasy tropes and world building but spaceships), Polaris Rising by Jessie Mihalik is romance- scifi that follows romance beats, Deal With The Devil by Kit Rocha is post apocalyptic but reads more like urban fantasy (and they are so good at writing characters and relationships!), All The Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders is fantasy/scifi/litfic/coming of age that I adored, and Becky Chambers’ books feel like a warm hug but in space.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Kit Rocha write Romance, yes. Their newest series is a lot less explicit than their self-published stuff but as far as I can tell it is set in the same world.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on meeting so many of your reading goals! That’s certainly worth celebrating, especially this year.
    For starting out in sci-fi I’d recommend Martha Wells’s Murderbot books. Most of them are novellas and the main character is funny and relatable, so they’re easy to get into. And if you’re already into fantasy, I’d recommend some SFF books to help get you started, like Jasper Fforde’s Early Riser, a dystopian in which most of the population hibernates through increasingly brutal winters, or Tom Miller’s The Philospher’s Flight, a historical/magical/sci-fi blend in an alternate world where women hold the power. They weren’t quite 5-star reads for me, but pretty wild and memorable and easy to fall into. I hope you’ll have better luck with sci-fi next year, whichever titles you end up reaching for!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. i wish i could read lit fic like you 😭😭 my small pea brain can’t keep up with it but i’m glad you were able to read more of it this year!! and god yeah i’m so bad at reading sci-fi too! i think the only sci-fi i read this year was the murderbot novellas but a long way to a small angry planet has been on my tbr for forever!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i also have a pea brain don’t worry 😔 I read the first murderbot novella and really enjoyed it, then just never continued because i am useless. I am actually gonna make a priority of reading a long way to a small angry planet this year, everyone recommended that one as a great book to get into scifi! 🙆🏻‍♀️

      Liked by 1 person

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