judging books by the cover

Judging Books By Their Covers: March 2021 Releases

The old saying goes “Don’t judge a book by the cover” but that’s what we are here to do.

Every month, I pick some books with pretty covers and then I show the ones with best blurbs to you.

Basically, I spend a lot of time on Netgalley, and scouring the Internet for new releases, so I am gonna do that, but pick the books based on their cover. Then I’ll read the blurbs and pick my favorites and then I share them with all of you!

So the basic formula of this post is pretty books meets new releases I am excited about.

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Now, let’s talk books! 


My Year Abroad by Chang-rae Lee

My Year Abroad by Chang-rae Lee

Release Date: March 2nd; Random House

Why I love the cover: I really like this sort of abstract, geometrical set up of the cover, and I like how it’s at the same time chaotic, but also really clean because of the geometrical shapes. ALSO there’s pink, so it’s naturally a win.   
Why I love the blurb: This is a really exciting one, that’s been everywhere basically. I think this is like a twist on the classical bildungsroman – we follow Tiller, an American student who is taken under the wing of a larger-than-life Chinese American entrepreneur, who takes him on a trip across Asia.  This offers commentary on capitalism (we just love to see it), mental health, Western attitudes and Eastern stereotypes, and I think I am gonna really love this one.

Yolk by Mary H.K. Choi

Amazon.com: Yolk (9781534446007): Choi, Mary H. K.: Books

Release Date: March 2nd, Simon & Schuster for Young Readers

Why I love the cover: This is the coolest cover on this list. It’s just so good. 
Why I love the blurb: This is a story about sisters, and that’s one of my favorite things to read about. We follow Jayne, who is always just trying to get by and struggling, and her sister June, who always has it together and is highly successful. When June is diagnosed with uterine cancer, the sisters have to move in together and work on their relationship. I think this sounds amazing and lowkey heartbreaking. I am excited to get to it.    

Infinite Country by Patricia Engel

Infinite Country by Patricia Engel

Release Date: March 2nd, Avid Reader Press

Why I love the cover: This is a very simple cover, but I find it quite striking. I love the added colors to the otherwise clean and white cover, and I think it looks amazing. 
Why I love the blurb: This is another book I am super excited to get to. The story follows Elena and Mauro, who are teenagers when they meet and fall in love in Bogota. Once their first child is born, they set out to America, in search of a better life. The book follows their family and discusses what it means to be undocumented in America, while also incorporating Colombian myths and legends into the narrative. I think it sounds so exciting, and I am quite excited to get to it.  

Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert

Act Your Age, Eve Brown eBook por Talia Hibbert - 9780062941282 | Rakuten  Kobo Estados Unidos

Release Date: March 9th, Avon

Why I love the cover: I know you have seen this cover a million times, but I had to include it because it makes me so so happy. It’s such a happy cover and I could stare at it for days. 
Why I love the blurb: This is the third and sadly final book in the Brown sisters series, and I cannot wait to read it. I think this might be my favorite one in the series, which is saying a lot since I LOVED Take a Hint, Dani Brown. Eve ends up having to help a surly owner of a B&B, after she hits him with her car that is. Forced proximity! Enemies to lovers! ALL THE GOOD STUFF. Cannot wait. 

How Beautiful We Were by Imbolo Mbue

How Beautiful We Were: Amazon.co.uk: Mbue, Imbolo: 9781838851347: Books

Release Date: March 11th, Canongate Books

Why I love the cover: Both the UK and the US covers for this book are so stunning, even though they are quite different. I prefer this one because it has pink and I think it vibes better with the story. I think a physical copy of this is going to look SO GOOD. 
Why I love the blurb: I am about 70% into this novel and I really love it. This centers the fictional African village of Kosawa, who is faced with an American oil company coming to their land, taking  it, while also poisoning their air and water. It’s a story about colonialism, capitalism and more than anything, community, and I just really love it and I hope all of you will pick it up! 


I would love to hear from you! Tell me what you think of these covers and are there any February releases that caught your eye?

In the meantime, happy reading




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