weekly TBR additions

Weekly TBR Additions (November 10th, 2017)

A weekly feature in which I share new books I added to my TBR.  It's been a good month since I posted the last "Weekly" TBR Addition, but I don't always have a lot of new books to show you, and I'd much rather just skip a couple of weeks instead of showing you some… Continue reading Weekly TBR Additions (November 10th, 2017)

reading lists

Harry Potter’s Reading List

A feature in which I recommend you books based on your favorite character. Welcome to the newest installment in my Reading Lists Feature, a series of posts where I compose reading lists for and inspired by different characters. These are all books that I feel fit into the character’s aesthetic and personality, but also books I… Continue reading Harry Potter’s Reading List

judging books by the cover

Judging Books By Their Covers: November Releases Edition

Let’s judge some books by the cover, shall we?  Every month, I pick some books with pretty covers and then I show the ones with best blurbs to you. Basically, I spend a lot of time on Netgalley, and scouring the Internet for new releases, so I am gonna do that, but pick the books… Continue reading Judging Books By Their Covers: November Releases Edition