Geek Gear World of Wizardry Unboxing (March 2017)

Let's unbox stuff. I am unboxing another Harry Potter themed box from Geek Gear. Their World of Wizardry box is a monthly subscription and it's a Harry Potter themed box, which means you get all sorts of awesome HP stuff! Who doesn't want that? I already unboxed one of their last year's boxes (CHECK IT… Continue reading Geek Gear World of Wizardry Unboxing (March 2017)

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RedditGifts Book Exchange 2017.

You should try RedditGifts.  I participate in Reddit's Gift Exchanges pretty regularly. They started with their Secret Santa exchange a few years back, but now they do a bunch of different ones (like Star Wars, Photographs, Postcards, Disney...). And obviously my favorite one, and the one I always participate in is Books exchange! You basically… Continue reading RedditGifts Book Exchange 2017.

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World of Wizardry November Box Unboxing.

I recently subscribed to Geek Gear's Harry Potter box, and I really loved what I got, so I thought I'd share it! First of all, they really try hard with the overall design of their box and the packaging. The November box was Christmas themed, and it looked really nice: Next, when you open it,… Continue reading World of Wizardry November Box Unboxing.