Bloodwitch is Coming: The Witchlands Readalong

“I guard the light-bringer, And protect the dark-giver. I live for the world-starter,  And die for the shadow-ender. My blood, I offer freely. My Threads, I offer wholly. My eternal soul belongs to no one else. Claim my Aether. Guide my blade.  From now until the end.”  Hello, friends! It's finally happening - I am… Continue reading Bloodwitch is Coming: The Witchlands Readalong

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Iseult det Midenzi’s Reading List

Welcome to the newest installment in my Reading Lists Feature, a series of posts where I compose reading lists for and inspired by different characters. These are all books that I feel fit into the character’s aesthetic and personality, but also books I feel those characters would love to read. You can check the previous posts… Continue reading Iseult det Midenzi’s Reading List